Evolve Xbox One Beta Dates

Earlier this morning Turtle Rock Studios announced the Evolve Open Beta for Xbox Live Gold members will start January 15th. You will receive early access to Evacuation, Evolve’s dynamic campaign. Fans will be able to play Hunt game mode with access to the first two monsters (Goliath and Kraken) and first eight hunters (Markov, Maggie, Val, Hank, Hyde, Griffin, Lazarus, and Bucket).

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Bigpappy2025d ago

May be I should try it, because it has not grabbed my interest so far.

Nicominoru2025d ago

I played the beta the first time around and I didn't really like it too much, but I'm willing to try it again, I want to like this game it's a good concept. I probably need to just give it a fair chance.

falviousuk2025d ago

Same here I'm afraid. IT really didnt impress at all. I was bored quite quickly and couldn't see me playing this for any length of time.

Left 4 Dead it is not sadly

neocores2025d ago

Wont lie but kinda sad that ps4 users only get 1day after the problems with thier severs last time. Really did not have time to even touch the beta. This is just turning me away from the game.

mooseo212025d ago

If you haven't tried this game yet you should. I absolutely loved the alpha and had a ton of fun playing it. Once you get the hang of each hunter and monsters abilities it becomes alot more fun, especially when working together with a team that knows what they are doing.

TekKing2025d ago

The game is a mess. Not only do they have terrible servers but the gameplay itself is dull and unless you're fighting the monsters then you're just running around the rest of the time. There is nothing in between the running to find the monster & actually fighting the monster to keep the game interesting. Sure, you can fight the other creatures on the map but it's pointless as they're easily avoided and once dead the monster can just circle back and use them for upgrades.

L4D worked because you fought hordes of zombies coming after you while also having to reach a the safe house and watching out for the special zombies that were player controlled. You felt like you were always doing something in that game.

I've even seen streams of one of the monsters that flys around just spamming skills and easily killing everyone at the start without even upgrading the abilities.

Moldiver2025d ago

*looks at avatar and name*

Who DO you think you are? I am king of tekken. Kneel before your master. Dont make me crush you. wouldnt be the first time I beat a man wearing that mask.