Grand Theft Auto: Long Overdue for a Woman Protagonist

As Grand Theft Auto V approaches a Steam release, gamers have continued to question whether the series will implement a female protagonist. Some fans have argued for a Bonnie-and-Clyde storyline, while others still believe the series should only have male protagonists. This week, we explore some of GTA’s history with female characters, and how a female protagonist would fit well for the open-world franchise.

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garos822961d ago

how about you make your own open world game and make whatever gender protagonist you want and stop telling others what to do with THEIR game.

Just to be clear i wouldn't mind or oppose a female protagonist but please shut the hell up about telling others what to do with their art

Bansai2961d ago

Female prot ? No thanks <waiting for those dislikes>

Concertoine2961d ago

To be honest, a female protagonist could be interesting if done right. Some of GTA's best supporting characters were female.

Obviously it shouldnt be done for the sake of any bull crap "equality", only if Rockstar wants to.

AliTheSnake12961d ago

They can easily put a female protagonist comfortably by having multiple ones, just like GTA V. One of the three characters can be the female.

pompombrum2961d ago

Utilizing the same sort of multiple main character storytelling, I could see a female protagonist working very well.. imagine a couple as the main cast in similar style to Natural Born Killers, I think that would make for a very interesting story and interactions.

Mr_cheese2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Not bothered it is a male or female protagonist to be honest, just as long as it feels right and isn't forced just to comply with all this sexist bull****.

Some people need to look beyond their own nose and begin to look outside of the first world countries, then come back and spout the same bull****.

Edit - removed swearing and replaced with stars. Oppression!

BitbyDeath2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Won't ever happen unless she is a lesbian, prostitutes are a staple of the series. They won't change that.

Tempest3172961d ago

@bitbydeath Male prostitutes.

Army_of_Darkness2961d ago

Naw bro... Keep them as my hoes in the game ;-)
Okay, lol! I kid..

Dee_912961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

To be honest I would love to have a female protag in GTA... Let me make this clear, this has nothing to do with equality lol
I know the whole kotaku polygon gamer misogyny shaming BS is getting annoying but don't automatically dismiss these types of request people because of it people.

Well there are female pimps ( a lot more then you think lol). She could like "manage" the prostitutes..Man the possibilities are endless with a female when you really think about it.


Who ever wrote that didn't think it through or just don't know R* games. Proabably a female protagonist would be to feminism what Trevor is to countryside folks or what CJ is to african americans, an exagerated, broken, shameless stereotype that we would all take a laugh at how much absurdity can come from one of "that people"...

In fact, now I hope they make a female protagonist, one that looks just like Anita Sarkeesian or whoever else love trowing the feminism card around for no good reason. Just imagine the trolling possibilities...

NukaCola2961d ago

I have said this for years:

I would love to see PAM GRIER play a character like Foxy Brown/Coffy set in a 70s setting. Would be awesome!


Also would love to see a Chicago/Detroit area. Midwestern, cold, snowy, canadians, arabs, lakes, forests, city life, and such.

Ares84HU2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

I agree with you. No female lead in GTA!

Some games I can't imagine with a female lead like GTA. Just like others I can't imagine with male leads like Tomb Raider, Bayonetta, Dino Crisis and so on.

Make a new game with a female lead and leave GTA alone.


SolidStoner2960d ago

It would be fun to see how they create new visual wobbling physics for female characters (if you know what I mean) I could run around for hours! :D

I didnt help I know.. I just could not resist for that future vision of mine ;)

Chrischi19882960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

A female protagonist can be interesting, but not if it is forced like that. If the creativity of the minds of GTA storymakers find a good way, one that is not forced by feminists, then it will be more than good, but nobody wants forced stuff, as it lowers the quality by not letting the creative minds do what they want to create.

And I dont get it, first feminists make, that GTA 5 is not sold anymore on many stores and now they demand this? What do feminist expect, that we all will agree? They basically try to control everything with their fury way and it has to stop at some point. This is not about equality, it is about too much sand... well you know.

And even if there were a female protagonist, then feminists will be against it again, because she is too beautiful. For feminists, a female protagnoists has to be fat and ugly to be taken serious.

Pogmathoin2960d ago

What if Rosie O donnell was the voice!

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IxWoodstockxI2961d ago

Hell yeah. I hate these white knights and activists hating on GTA games. I love GTA V just like it is, well maybe have a better music soundtrack, but other than that it is so freakin fun.

Mikeyy2961d ago

Exactly! Why should R* go out of there way to please these feminazis when they are the ones getting the game banned off the shelves.

Screw that. Also white knights are the worst. All virgins.

solid_snake36562961d ago

You should be able to create your own soundtrack, and add it to a specific radio station.

TheXgamerLive2961d ago

Yep. Sane here.
For me personally, if I play a GTA game I don't want a female protagonist, that's not a GTA game nor do I want it to be politically correct or any NORM term of society as its not that game its GTA grand theft auto this is a males game (for the most part) and should continue that style. I don't want a male lead in tomb raider or bayonetta either.

Clarence2961d ago

I have to agree with you. I'm definitely not interested in playing as a female. At least not as the main character.

aliengmr2961d ago

Yea, because gamers never complain about anything. I never see dev forums with gamers inserting their 2 cents. They don't overreact to stupid things like hair styles, they know its not their place to criticize art.

Feedback is dangerous for art. Thankfully gamers know this and are content to remain silent and let the creators provide the entertainment gamers crave free of useless feedback.

Godmars2902961d ago

Actually, know what would work? Bully with a female main character. A girl in a Catholic/private high school who just terrorizes the place.

MoveTheGlow2961d ago

That's kinda amazing, and it should happen.

Godmars2902961d ago

Thinking more about it, didn't Rockstar themselves have that idea for a Bully 2?

LackTrue4K2961d ago

They could make a DLC with 4 hour long story.

MoveTheGlow2961d ago

I think that would be a step in the right direction, too. Bring in a new writer for DLC with a really different feel to it, just like with the GTA4 DLC. Then, do whatever you want with GTA5 with what you've learned.

Audiggity2961d ago


You just aligned your 5 fingers perfectly and slapped the shit out of those whiny little douche nuggets.

Well said.

Bubble vote.

xxBiG_BoSSxx2961d ago

Exactly! Don't tell devs what to do with their art. Ever. Unless its

Final Fantasy XIII
Resident Evil
Killzone 2

or any other game ever made ever discussed on n4g.

Mr Tretton2961d ago

The idea is just unrealistic. Women just don't go crazy in the same way.

They should make a 'Cheat on him, divorce him, get full custody and take all his money' simulator for female psychopathic thrills.

Blaze9292961d ago

no thanks. It's all fun and games until you shoot and kill a female. And honestly, I'm not trynna have R*/Take-Two in some mess because a bunch of females have a problem.

clouds52961d ago

I'm against that because of story reasons. The devs want to tell a story and they have designed characters for it. They have freedom of speech and can do whatever they want with their characters.
If they realise 3 male characters fit their story that is FINE. If they wanna make a 3 female gta next that is FINE. At least as long as the are not forcing themselves to satisfy any society fotm bullshit.

Number-Nine2961d ago

GTA is long overdue for a North Korean protagonist.

Gamer19822961d ago

They won't do it.. The fact is they get enough crap for their games imagine the crap they would get if they did make a lead female who went around beating up other women and males?? Womens rights groups would have a field day saying its a bad image blah blah.. Don't give these weirdos more fuel for their fires I say.

360ICE2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Jesus Christ, talk about an overreaction.

A quick question, would you really have reacted the same way if the article was titled "Grand Theft Auto Long Overdue for a Chicago-setting"?

People tell developers what they want all the time. Nevermind the millions of people who said that they wanted GTAV to be in San Andreas, before it was announced that that was actually going to happen, people request everything from characters to location and themes.

The writer isn't trying to force the developer to do anything. It's simply an opinion or a request much in the same way someone would walk over to the DJ booth at a club and request "One More Time". Sure, the club-goer makes a good argument for Daft Punk revolutionising the EDM-scene, but at the end of the day, everything is still at the DJ's discretion.

ZombieKiller2960d ago

I'm all for a female protagonist but not with GTA and the way that people that DON'T play the game treat it. It's the catalyst for attacks on violence and other groups that have a hair up their asses about violent video games and other stuff like it.

I could see a female protagonist SOMEHOW causing a shitstorm for us gamers. If they do a female protagonist, I say make the choice be up to the gamers. Do a story connected to a customizable character ala Mass Effect (Male side and Female side)....if not, just do a regular guy character and keep it safe.

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goldwyncq2961d ago

This is what feminism in the 21st century has been reduced to - criticising games for not having a female protagonist.

rdgneoz32961d ago

And attacking things like the Fine Young Capitalists which was/is actually trying to help women...

Godmars2902961d ago

No. Demanding that men make games for women. Not making games for themselves, but take a proven product and complain until its made to their standards while ignoring any others. Like any preferences the majority/male audience like the game for.

SilentNegotiator2961d ago

"Demanding that men make games for women. Not making games for themselves"

Until they want to attack the industry for not hiring all of the women not applying for development jobs.

Audiggity2961d ago

Would it count if someone did a PC mod to play the game as hookers? Then you could play a pivotal role on any street corner you'd like!

You could show off your feminine powers by naming your own prices and offering promotions to Johns.

That will satisfy the SJWs for sure...

PaleMoonDeath2961d ago

No thanks, can't put my brutal mentality into something like that.

chrissx2961d ago

No,Gta isn't overdue for that. All I care about is rockstar making their games as they see fit

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