Introducing Hyperdimension Neptunia U for PlayStation Vita

IGN: Hyperdimension Neptunia is coming back to Vita, this time in the form of a hack-and-slash RPG.

TimeSkipLuffy3505d ago

Wow... that looks boring :D... but thank you for any title the Vita gets! ^^

izumo_lee3505d ago

I guess you also don't like games like Dynasty Warriors or Hyrule Warriors as well since this game is in the same genre. It's a musou game so people will either like or not.

Personally i think it is interesting for Idea Factory to use Neptunia characters in a musou game, either way i love the series & this will be another game of the series i'll add to my collection.

TimeSkipLuffy3505d ago

I like games like Dynasty Warriors. Especially the One Piece games. But that looks like you only fight dozen of monsters in a square over and over again. The other titles at least have a some decent map where you can run around :D

Not saying this game will be bad because I am glad my Vita still get some love :)

RexDD3505d ago


Maybe, just maybe, this is just a preview and the full game will have a decent story and entertaining gameplay. Plus, it's from the Senran Kagura devs, so it will probably be good.

dark-kyon3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

I heard what this game have a great story"for neptunia standard",they focused in few characters,doing a better job with the interactions,even i heard of a event where uni declare his love for nepgear.gameplay is standard musou,but more easy and simple.

Spotie3504d ago

I wouldn't even have responded, izumo. Luffy plays like a PlayStation fan, but usually only to not take heat when he says something that's pretty blatant trolling.

I MIGHT get this, though I'd rather just grab one of the main titles instead. I'm ashamed to say I've yet to finish the first game.

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lodossrage3505d ago

You know, I remember back when everyone said these Dynasty Warrior Musou games sucked.

Now all of a sudden everyone likes them and Omega Force is getting rich making musou games off other franchises.

So far we seen a Gundam Musou series, the One piece Musou series, the Hyrule Warriors game, and Now a Neptunia version.

I'm almost certain we'll see stuff like a Final Fantasy Musou or Tekken Musou. Basically any popular franchise in Japan is probably subject to Musou material lol

WhyWai883505d ago

yea, especially Hyrule Warrior. Many people despite Warriors title but praise Hyrule Warrior. But they are basically the same, made by same developers...

lodossrage3504d ago

Exactly, it shows how fickle the industry is.

JUST because all of a sudden the game had Zelda attached to it, the games that everyone normally called crap, they suddenly praised.

This is why I say reviews don't mean a thing these days.

Protagonist3505d ago

Compile Heart has been supporting the Vita heavily with Neptunia games, nice.

HentaiMasterRace3505d ago

The name sounds like a Wii U game, but I forgot, Wii U doesn't get third party.

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WilliamUsher3359d ago

What an interesting thumbnail.


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Scatpants3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

I just got Hyperdevotion Noire in the sale last week and it's really good. Made by Sting the same dudes that did Gungnir, Riviera and Yggdra Union on PSP/DS. This should be good too. The stories in these games always feel juvenile and lacking though. At least the gameplay is good.