College Hoops 2K7 Review

There's nothing quite like sitting through a college basketball game. Sure, collegiate pigskin might be able to pack more fans into their stadiums, and pro ball might have a higher level of skill, but whether you're watching a game in the arena of the number one team in the nation or watching a team who hasn't smelled the NCAA tourney in the past decade, the atmosphere is unlike anything else in sports.

It's not without a strong sense of irony that we discover that it's actually the collegiate game's strongest suit that contributes to the genre's largest issues. See, for whatever reason, developers have almost always been unable to change and tune their collegiate offerings so they don't come off as a simple reproduction of their professional game. Nailing the atmosphere has never been much of a problem, yet it seems like every college hoops iteration prides itself on packing more chants, cheers, and jeers than the year prior. Does College Hoops 2K7 make the mistake of feeling identical to its professional predecessor, or is it able to deliver the college game in a new and innovative way? TeamXbox got the answers.

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