New Details on Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons

"The new Chalice Dungeon feature takes players into the depths of ancient underground ruins located beneath the city of Yharnam. By using holy chalices, players can enter these dungeons and explore the vast structures and multiple levels. However, every time a portal is opened up, the structure of the dungeon itself changes. These dungeons are filled with traps, nightmarish creatures, and of course rewards for brave and skilled hunters to claim whether they complete them on their own, or with the help of other hunters online."

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Reverie9902025d ago

Everything about this game sounds incredible. I hope they deliver.

medman2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

I've been sold on more than a few Sony exclusives for next year already, Bloodborne is one of them, along with Rime, Uncharted, No Man's Sky, Until Dawn, Alienation, and The Tomorrow Children. Day one buys only "concern" left for Bloodborne is just how lengthy the campaign will be. That's about the only unknown that could be a concern, but I don't expect it to be a short game at all.

Reverie9902025d ago

I don't expect it to be short and also if done right, the co op component should keep me well busy.

Relientk772025d ago

I love the dark Gothic atmosphere of this game

Rimeskeem2025d ago

This game is getting better eveytime I hear about it

PizzaSteve2025d ago

A system seller for sure.

VsAssassin2025d ago

I love the idea of the Chalice Dungeon. You can get better rewards by playing online!? Awesome! If you're not too confident with your skills, you can beat this dungeon with a friend, though the rewards may not be as good as when you beat it alone.

I wonder how many chalices there are, and where these chalices can be obtained. I hope the chalices are as random as they come.

If this dungeon can be shared, I am excited about its integration online aside from co-op sharing. How about challenging someone for a PvP in your own Chalice Dungeon? And maybe you can wager items/souls and the winner takes all? Sounds neat, doesn't it!?

March can't come soon enough, but that's ok. That means I have enough time to save up money to buy me the Collector's Edition. I really hope a PS4 "blood red" bundle happens to make way for this game!

crashbash2025d ago

This game looks amazing, can't wait to fight this beast -

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