Grand Theft Auto V - Official PC System Requirements To Be Announced Next Week

Rockstar revealed that the official PC requirements for GTA V will be announced in the coming week.

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sugawalls2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Asus GTX 780ti Matrix Platinum
4790k @ 4.8ghz
Asus Maximus Gene VII
16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum
Fractal Design Newton 800W

I'm set. For them jelly disagrees.

Keep em coming.

Applejack2032d ago

I think people might disagree because no one likes a bragger.

FromTheAshes2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

I don't think he was bragging. Normally on PC based threads or topics people will post specs.

My specs are crap compared to sugawalls and I'll post them too lol.

AMD A4 4000 @ 3.0Ghz
Sapphire R7 260X OC
AsRock FM2 MB
6GB Kingston 1600MHz
Corsair VS450
1TB Seagate Momentus

I'm set too...(For medium settings 720p? lol)

Edit: @sugawalls...You watchin the Hodgetwins?

MicDude2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Why do people put mATX boards in such huge cases? :P Sweet system though.

Asus GTX 780 DCUII
i5 4670k @ 4.0GHz
Asus Maximus VI Hero
8GB Gskill Ripjaws x 1866MHz DDR3
Corsair AX860W Platinum PSU
Fractal Design Define R4
1 TB WD Black
Kingston HyperX 120GB SSD

I need a good 1440p monitor though. Any suggestions?

sugawalls2032d ago

No really reason for having anything bigger Tbh. I only ever use one GPU at any given time and the board itself is feature packed to the brim so it's got everything covered :)

The Dell U2715H is pretty decent for a 1440p monitor. Great vibrant colors and build quality.

WheatBread2032d ago

The ASUS PB278Q and the Acer K272HUL bmiidp are pretty good.

FlameBaitGod2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

I rather have the 1ms response time and 144hz refresh rate. I'm a hardcore gamer tho, many wont care 4 that lol.

NarooN2032d ago

Nice cable management lol.

Also, you a hodgetwins fan? :p

Anonagrog2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

I was looking forward to being impressed, but instead you bragged about a generic PC... everyone knows what one of those looks like!

At the very least make sure what you're bragging about is awe-inspiring next time. The 'Murderbox' customs come to mind:

Misplaced brag or not, at least you may get away with impressing a few people with your pic then. However, the question of "why bother?" still applies though, and ultimately leads to you coming off as pretentious. Worth it?

FlameBaitGod2032d ago

That looks really clean, mines a mess inside lol.

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Bodge2032d ago

I hope I'll be able to at least hit PS3 level visuals with high AA, AF, and View Distance with my 550 Ti. :(

ravencry2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

i think you can run this game at medium-high settings at 720p if its well optimized. gtx 550 ti > ps3

even xbox one runs at 1080p. xbox one = hd 7790

2032d ago
WheatBread2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Gigabyte Mini-itx GTX 970
256GB 850 Pro
2TB WD Green HDD

My body is ready.

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