GTR Series Coming To 360?

Kotaku: Certainly looks that way. Swedish developers SimBin - the team behind the super-hardcore, super-awesome GTR racing series for the PC - have announced via press release that they're working on an Xbox 360 game, the title of which will be revealed "soon". Now, while we could keep an open mind about this, and speculate on whether this means they'll be releasing a point-and-click adventure game based on the reign of the Holstein-Gottorp house, we won't. Because all SimBin have ever done is racing games. So we'll instead prepare for the inevitable announcement of a hardcore racing sim for the 360, whether GTR-branded or not.

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DarkSniper3763d ago

This will be a scaled down port which will be dogged with inferior graphics and gameplay limitations due to it being developed on Xbox 360.


LaChance3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

coming to PS3 could you would have to add to all that the 5gb install , washed out colours , frame rate drops, crappy gameplay thanxs to crappy triggers and of course the extra 1 year wait.


bumnut3763d ago

to turn right please install next chapter!

WIIIS13763d ago

Darksniper pwned! Big time!

PS3 games are all showing off how the system is a joke.

butterfinger3763d ago

I hope none of you actually think DarkSniper is going to read your replies. Are 360 owners excited about their install for SCIV? I surely hope nobody here owns the core/arcade version, that would be a shame.

captainjy3762d ago

Sniper, fall off man. Damn. GTR will be even better on the 360. You're just pissed because everything is better on the 360.

why do droids cry3762d ago

simbin said something about this 1 1/2 ago about gtr. i evan have the video of it stored on my xbox 360 which i d.loaded from the marketplace ages ago. it looks a good racer. :)

why do droids cry3762d ago

dark sniper more like dark troll

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InMyOpinion3763d ago

Ever heard of rumor updates?

Condoleezza Rice3763d ago

I honestly(and I'm not exaggerating nor stating this with the intent to be comical),I honestly do not know nor see how a person can read that and call this a rumor update.

insane_cobra3763d ago

A couple of days ago a new SimBin game for Xbox 360 was revealed in Cannes. At first it was thought to be a game from their RACE series, but it turned out it wasn't. Now chances are it's a GTR game that was announced two years ago, but in the mean time dropped by THQ and presumed canceled. That's why it's news, now we know something is still coming.

Condoleezza Rice3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Whilst again,it was already announced to be in production and a Press Release was done 2 years ago;

THQ in 2007,announced that it would no longer be the Publisher of the game,that was about it.The game was never canceled nor shelved as a result of this,so I would GREATLY be surprised if they were not bringing the GTR game to the Xbox 360.

sonarus3763d ago

I wonder when it will release. GTR is a pretty popular franchise i haven't played it myself but i have heard its better than GT. If it comes out on 360 def purchase.

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LeShin3763d ago

Two questions: If this is true, why on earth would anyone get Forza again? Isn't GTR meant to be the ultimate simulation racing game?

green3763d ago

I hope you know that there are only GTR class cars in this game, no custom paint jobs, no in depth tuning,no engine swaping,no auction house.

GTR beats Forza 2 in only having an in car view.Apart from that Forza destroys GTR in every way.Believe me i have played both.

Perkel3763d ago

yes GTR is cool in therms of realistic driving game but no G25 compatibility for x360 is like kick in balls for GTR :) and every fan of sim racing ;/

karlostomy3763d ago

That means it will have adequate resources devoted to the 360 version and will be released on time for once.

I am just sick of multiplat games getting delayed on 360 due to the PS3 multiplat problems.

butterfinger3763d ago

You're such a cutie! Have a bubble:)

karlostomy3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Thanks for the compliment.
I've been told I'm cute by lots of girls.
But you're the first guy!
Although i cannot reciprocate your affection, I still won't judge you.
Good for you, man. Be proud!

Thanks for the bubble. It would seem i am a bit short...
(the SDF do their best to shut me up...)

why do droids cry3762d ago

i would power up your anti-SDF shields if i were you.... oh sh1t incoming RRoD comments...

Mr Marbles3763d ago

am salivating at the thought of this being true.

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