8 Forgotten Games That Should Have Sequels By Now

There are oh, so many sequels in video games these days. We've got eight games that we wish would get a follow up.

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higgins782375d ago

I cant agree with a lot of games on this list. Far, far more deserving entries - which I wont go into now. All I will say is Blast Corps U...I can dream, cant I?

I_am_Batman2374d ago

The Darkness games are among my favorite games of last gen. Both were very unique in their own ways. I'd love to see a third iteration though I doubt it'll happen.

Folklore 2 would be nice as well.

idlet2374d ago

Folklore was great! Great mechanics and atmosphere. Shame it never got too much notice

I_am_Batman2374d ago

Yeah. If I hadn't played the demo I would've probably missed out on it as well.

Helloween132374d ago

Well apart from Jak and Daxter the rest are total crap and I for 1 are glad there was no more of that crap, now if you want to talk about Heavenly sword and Medievil now thats 2 that should have another go at this gen

TomLovesXBOX2374d ago

Legend of Dragoon. That is all that needs to be said.

Upbeat2374d ago

What about Lost Odyssey?

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