The Witcher 1 VS The Witcher 2 VS The Witcher 3 - Geralt's, Merigold's & Zoltan's Visual Evolution

Zoltan, Merigold and Geralt have been in every part of the "The Witcher" series, so it's time now to witness the graphical evolution of those characters.

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Revolt131429d ago

That's pretty big leap,
Can't wait to play 3!

joab7771429d ago

This could literally be one of the best games ever made. Seriously. Dragon Age is so damn good and so well crafted that I am still in awe 130 hrs in.

The only company imho that is better at telling a story and having choices create consequence is CD Projekt Red. Add to that a superbly gorgeous and we'll crafted open world like DA and we are in for a treat.

I always said that if CDPR or Bioware teamed up with Bethesda, we would have the best rpg ever made. It seems both have taken a page from Bethesda and now we may get two of the best rpgs to date just 6 months apart.