My First Trophy

TheSixthAxis: "Sony, what have you done? This is us now hammering through Super Stardust HD, again, because we now get Trophies! Fine, because the thrill of seeing that pop-up in the top right hand corner brings back memories of when we first started on the 360.

But you had to go one better, didn't you? You had to introduce the RPG element, the levelling system, the thing that's going to make us stay up late, miss work, get into debt and lose our homes! It's simple, but oh so clever, and we love you for it.

Fantastic, utterly brilliant, and more than we ever wished for. Now we'll be replaying all our old games, desperately aiming for that elusive Platinum every time. This will help shift PS3 versions of multi-format games, it will invigorate the market and it will create a competition amongst Friends bigger than any quick match of FIFA.

We're in love, after one date. Thank you, Sony."

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SUP3R3786d ago

Hey me and that guy have the same theme on our PS3's lol.
It really is a sweet theme.

As for the trophies I'm actually excited to run through Uncharted again as soon as it gets patched.

zane_78493786d ago

Playing Super Stardust HD, the controller rumbling in my hands. The Go! Team playing "We Will Not Be Defeated" in the background as I mop up the first round of trophies. Yeah... things are good.

Life is good.

kingOVsticks3786d ago

that one is one of my favs next to the Hendrix,Bmarly,akira,and MGs4 theme

badz1493786d ago

only SSHD has been patched, right? is there some sort of official list for trophies available and how to get it - like 360 achievement list? I'm just wondering. however 2.4 came at the right time because I was actually planning to replay through R:FoM, Uncharted and R&C after I got my HDTV at the end of this month just to see the true glory of those games in HD! (PS3 owner since august'07 but have never played in HD at home!) so, I'll wait for all those games patched then I'll play! I have 15 games but I don't think I'll replay through all of the just for trophies! but I'll consider revisiting Liberty City if it ever get patched!

joydestroy3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

i like this site more

playing in HD will change your life!
i've had a 52" for about a month now and all i can say is holy sh!t.
especially playing's amazing.

MikeGdaGod3786d ago

yeah, i'm downloading the patch now. gotta see what this trophy thing is all about.

plenty a tool3786d ago

now the ps3 has trophies everybody loves

you just can't beat hypocrites can you?!

TheUsedVersion3786d ago

Just because other people talked a bunch of bs about 360 achievements doesn't mean that everyone else did. Also, you have to take into consideration the differences of the trophies and the way you level them up versus achievements and the gamerscore. Although similar they are for the most part quite different.

badz1493786d ago

agreed with theusedversion! I've never talk bad about 360 achievements and so did I never wish for trophies to come to the PS3 as I simply don't care! I just like PSN the way it was! but now that the features are there, I have no choice, right? so, as I have planned to replay some of my games anyway, I think it's best to just wait for the patch if any! but I can't see myself be one of the trophy whores! I am already too busy to spend too much time on gaming lately not like the old days!

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AlienGorilla3786d ago

I Haven't played SSHD in MONTHS!!! I too fired it up again and got 6 trophies. (4 Bronze 2 Silver) I forgot how crazy that game was. I have to tape my f*ckin' eyes open so i don't die. I'm sure I'll be playing it again soon though. There's a bunch of trophies left.

PirateThom3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I suck at SSHD, but I've got 4 trophies from it.

I may just go back and finish the levels, but I don't really think I'll struggle with them trophies, not my style, but I'm off the mark.

They need to get MGS4 up and running "Kill 100 PMC Troops"

Hagaf223786d ago

darn, i got two... but they were a good too lol!

Eromu3786d ago

I got 12 Trophies from it, taking a break till tomorrow for the rest.

Cupid_Viper_33786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

also, when can i play mgs4 with all my favorite themes, including the one from GLADIATOR?? and im finally going to buy my first psn title, SSHD......hope its good...

edit** thanks for the info man.

pwnsause3786d ago

dont even bother man, EA stopped supporting that game months ago, they're concentrating on Fight night RD.4

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