DmC: Definitive Edition Announcement Trailer

Developer Ninja Theory and publisher Capcom today announced the 2013 action game DmC: Devil May Cry is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 17, 2015 as the "Definitive Edition."

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Ezz20131991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Dev1: Hey, Let's sell our game which already HD again on next gen consoles and call it HD-HD remaster Definite Edition

Dev2: Cool, what should change in this remaster ?!

Dev1: add little more AA and...oh add ENB filter to make it look...Different..maybe no one will notice.

Dev2: cooool dude,how much will it cost this time ?!

Dev1: for our hard work ?!......70$

Jk jk
Just joking

ABizzel11991d ago

I don't mind a Definitive Edition as long as it's a collection (MCC, God of War Saga, MGS Collection, etc...)

However a single game no matter how great it is (The Last of Us) should not be sold at a near full price. I must say it seems like they made some good changes to this DE, but if it's over $40 it's already too much IMO.

If they're going to keep doing these DE, then they need to start bundling games.

Adventure Definitive Edition:
DmC + DMC4 + Asura's Wrath: 1080p @ 60fps + All DLCc

Fighter Definitive Edition:
SF4: AE + Marvel vs Capcom 3 + Darkstalkers Resurrection

Resident Evil Definitive Edition: aka The fall of Resident Evil
RE4 HD + RE5 + RE6: 1080p @ 30fps + All DLC

That's how you sell a Definitive Edition.

Flo-con1991d ago

Wait you actually think that this kind of talk would be held between devs?... In this kind of company, devs do what they're told...

Mankey1991d ago


Better idea. Devil May Cry 5. Note not DmC 5, Devil May Cry 5.

ABizzel11991d ago

Well at least this kind of proves the franchise will continue. The problem is in what form.

I liked both games, but gameplay and combat really need to go back to the original (DmC is Heavenly Sword 2 gameplay not DMC), while keeping the world and ideas of the new game but flesh things out better so DMC can finally have a good world and story to tell.

Combine the world and story of DmC (it gave meaning to the demons and made the world more believable aiding suspension of disbelief). Bring back the gameplay of DMC it was by far better, DmC wasn't bad, but it was Heavenly Sword 2.0. Finally if you're stuck on the new Dante (which honestly I don't mind unlike a lot of fans) then for the fans please make him more likable like the original Dante in the next game. This New Dante was kind of a jerk, while old Dante was all around likable.

SoulWarrior1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

*tsunami of tears incoming*

I liked this game, but with Bloodborne coming out that month, this isn't really gonna happen day 1 for me.

Still great to see they are adding a bunch of content and some gameplayer tweaks that were needed imo, not at full price too, oh and dat 60fps, better than your average remaster for sure.

Good value and I would recommend it for anyone who skipped it last gen.

EDIT: DMC4 Special Edition too?! Result!

Mankey1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Devil May Cry 4 > DmC

ABizzel11991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Debatable IMO, both were on equal footing.

Characters: DMC Dante >>> DmC Dante >/= Nero.
Didn't like Nero at all, he the personality of that annoying angry young male anime character which I never liked.

Gameplay: DMC4 >>> DmC.
No competition. DMC is much better than DmC (aka Heavenly Sword 2.0).

Story and World: DmC > DMC4.
Ninja Theory really sold that world with Limbo, and demons in control of politics. The only problem it had average writing at best, which was surprising for a Ninja Theory game.

When you play with Dante ins DMC4 it's a great game, and one of the best. When you play as Nero it's not the same at all. And like all DMC's it has the most basic story / plot on par with any B movie.

DmC is enjoyable, but more so because of the world and setting, the cast is average, the acting is average, the writing is average, and the gameplay is good, but a leap down from the old games.

If they take the strengths of both then they have the best DMC on their hands. And everyone knows the odd numbers DMC's are the best ones.

Illusive_Man1991d ago

Didn't get a chance to play this so I may get it.

xActionBasturdx1991d ago

These definitive edition remakes are really ruining the industry. Why don't they just make the next iteration of the game instead of trying to make a quick cash grab remake.

Pro_TactX1991d ago

The short answer: Because there is a demand for it, and it is a relatively inexpensive way to generate revenue.

Perjoss1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

These things only 'ruin' the industry if people buy them, and this is obviously happening otherwise they wouldn't bother making them in the first place.

For them it makes sense as there are not that many God of War type brawlers released on PS4/One yet, and it was probably relatively cheap to convert from the PC version.

Roccetarius1991d ago

Please don't lump in DMC4 with a type of game that is GoW. Maybe DmC is closer to that, but DMC4 is in a Stylish genre of its own, along with the likes of Bayonetta 2.

ABizzel11991d ago


Have yourself several seats in the corner.


It's quick and easy money to get the funding needed to make the sequel and to see if there's even potential in making a sequel. If the remaster sells well (a few hundred thousand), then they expect the sequel to sell 2x - 3x that amount.

Look at The Last of Us. It's remaster sold over 2.5m, well that tells Sony a sequel should rack up 5m - 8m in sales, so they can budget appropriately.

Look at Tomb Raider on PS4. It sold around 1m copies as of now. That tells Square they can expect around 3m in sales, which puts it where the PS3 version sold.

So it kind of works like that, as long as the game isn't launching full price or close to it.

Sleeping Dogs is a case of that, it launched at $60 on PS4 / XBO, and sales reflected that stupid decision. Now they don't have a clear indicator to how much a potential sequel would actually sell, because the DE flopped. They dropped it to $40 later, but it was too late (it launched on PC at $30, and $15 for those upgrading, which is what it should have been on consoles as well).

So that's the point of DE's.

I_am_Batman1991d ago

I fail to see how they are ruining the industry. It doesn't take a huge team or a large amount of time to make these last-gen to current-gen remasters. Especially when the game was on PC.

halfblackcanadian1991d ago

To be frank the video game industry is the only one that gets so much s*it for doing this. People buy music and movies over and over again and those are sometimes as little as taking the original film and re-scanning it. At least 'we' get re-done graphics and some new modes. The average gamer will not go back to play something (if CGI in film ages, graphics on games do twice as fast) so if developers think they can get revenue out of an existing product that didn't get it's (perceived) value when originally released, of course this is a no-brainer move.

Malphite1991d ago

Maybe they need the 'quick cash grab' to fund the next iteration of the game.

ABizzel11991d ago

Just saw this too.

DMC4 coming as well

So I'm guess they're going to see which one sells the best, and go in that direction. Problem is DMC sells best on PlayStation and DmC is coming out the same month as Bloodbourne, which is going to eat it's sells up, while DMC is coming out in the summer with nothing really announced.

My hope is DMC gameplay + DmC world (limbo, demon politics etc...) + old Dante / new Dante with old Dante personality (just a little more cocky since he is young still).

Knushwood Butt1990d ago

It's only OK if Nintendo do it.

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