FF7 PS3 Boxart - what it COULD look like writes:"Ever wanted to see what the Final Fantasy box art could look like?"

"Its what Final Fantasy VII would look like if it got remade for the Playstation 3. Looks fantastic, only if it was real!. I bet a lot of you are wishing this was real… one day, just maybe… one day."

Check out the FF7 box art.

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rCrysis3761d ago

if this was remade. although i regard it as a classic. this is one that should be remade in all its PS3 glory!!

N4Gisbiased3761d ago

Love the idea, hate the box art.

LightningPS33761d ago

That's not a remake of FFVII, that's Advent Children on a PS3 box.

Bonsai12143761d ago

lack of Aeris anywhere on the box = fail

MADGameR3761d ago

Yevon got pwned in FFX ROFL so wtf? O_o FF7 is going to PWN!

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[email protected]3761d ago

WOW* It look epic. Me like it.

CaptainHowdy3761d ago

Stop it with all these DS rehashes SE....we want full fledged CONSOLE games.

crck3761d ago

SE should know that this game would sell 3 million copies first week easy. Quit d!cking around with all those DS games and start work on this already.

meatnormous3761d ago

I am gonna buy 4 as soon as it goes on sale. I want a FF7 remake more than anything cause the ending dissapointed me. I have every remake and original FF game released in the US.

sephy 9 2 53761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Honestly I'm split 50/50 on this remake. Definitely a balance of cons and pros if this game were to be remade. All I can say is regardless a lot of money will be made no matter how it turns out.

PirateThom3761d ago

For all the good of Final Fantasy VII, there are some faults they could fix with a remake.

I'd like to see it just for pure nostalgia value, even if it was the same game with no extra content and nice graphics, I'd buy it because I know that's a huge amount of my life gone on it right away.

It's actually the only Final Fantasy I've played through multiple times (up to 4 now).

meatnormous3761d ago

I hope they remake this game. And 2.40 is out

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The story is too old to be commented.