1st and 3rd Party Games with Trophy Support

StalkingSilence has an excellent thread on the Official US PlayStation forums listing the different games that have been confirmed or rumored to have trophy support, and not just the first party games. Here are the games they know so far will at some point support trophies...

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rCrysis3761d ago

hopefully we get a patch for MGS4..

ATLRoAcH3761d ago

...that it is inevitable. I don't think it will take long for a lot of our games to get patches. I'd say within a month a lot of the popular games will be patched. I hope so anyway.

PikkonX3761d ago

Wasn't MGS4 rumored to already have trophy and custom soundtrack support on the disc? I remember Ryan Patton said there was something about the game that even those who got the game early wouldn't be able to leak to the public since 2.40 wasn't live, but was expected to be before the game launched.

Megaton3761d ago

I thought MGS4 had already been confirmed too. Wasn't Konami making a fuss about in-game XMB and trophies being supported before MGS4 launched?

princejb1343761d ago

i need my trophies for ratchet and clank also
thats a game im sure about anyone could unlock the platinum trophy especially since its fun also

proArchy3761d ago

Is PJ Eden coming out this week!?!

spandexxking3761d ago

this thursday i belive but i dont know which region. all i care about is fw2.40

Vicophine3761d ago

Dark Sector may support it right away. The "entitlements" was a pretty dead give away.

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