Ultimate Gamers E3 2008 Predictions

With E3 2008 creeping upon us, Starting Monday 14th July and lasting to Wednesday 16th July,at Ultimate Gamers can not see into the future, UG dont know for certain whats going to be at this years E3. Things can change at the very last minute.

* Too Human Demo to release on Xbox Live Marketplace over the period of E3.
* Geometry Wars 2 to be dated for release on Xbox Live Arcade, possible release on Wednesday 16th.
* Xbox Live Avatars to be confirmed and demonstrated.
* XNA demonstration with a new release of batch of community games for the public to try out.
* The Dishwasher to be dated Xbox Live Arcade.
* More partnerships with American and european Television broadcasters.
* Sony to announce Home Beta date (Preditcted to be November 2008).
* New Metriod game to be announced for Wii.
* New Wii colours to finnally be announced.
* Forza Motorsport 3 of to take the 3rd quarter Microsofts presentation on main stage.
* Wii sports 2 to be announced (rumored to have over 20 minigames, with Wii Fit board support)
* APB will be shown by Realtime Worlds.

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Mozilla893759d ago

Why is this even posted in the PS3 section, it only has one piece of news for the ps3 and that info is something alot of us knew already.

PSTAVY3759d ago

that was the exact same thing i was thinking.

Mc1873759d ago

It is posted in the industry section.

Mozilla893759d ago

or not but when I saw it I was browsing through the PS3 section.