GamingShogun Interviews Firefly Studios' Simon Bradbury

"GS – So, tell us a little bit of the reasons behind Stronghold Crusader Extreme's development. Why create an additional expansion to such an old, albeit classic, title?

FS – It is old, but it is still a hugely popular title, with thousands of new people playing it every month, and the single biggest request we have had from fans, is can we have more Crusader! Whilst we are not quite ready to start on Crusader2 yet, we felt we had a great opportunity to add more life into the series with a hardcore extension to game play.

GS – How many people worked on this edition of Stronghold Crusader?

FS – 5 core people, with another 5 touching it in various ways.

GS – Many people criticize the graphics of Stronghold Crusader Extreme. Personally, we love hand-drawn sprites. However, our issue was with the tearing and pixilation of those sprites on larger displays. Why were the graphics..."

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