Sony And Evolution 'Embarrassed' Over Driveclub Launch

IGN - PlayStation UK boss Fergal Gara has admitted both the company and Evolution Studios is "embarrassed" over Driveclub's launch issues, and used it as an example for why games should be delayed if they're not ready.

Speaking to IGN in London earlier today, Gara offered an apologies to Sony fans, particularly in light of the decision to launch the PS4 under the "4ThePlayers" slogan, and promised the PS Plus version of the racer wouldn't be released until Sony is sure it won't suffer a repeat performance.

"It’s a disappointment," he said about the server troubles. "When you lay your soul out as being '4ThePlayers', then what you certainly don’t want is games that are not fully ready. It certainly wasn’t any ill-intention on behalf of the team. It’s ambitious as a game; they’re as embarrassed as we are and all you can do in those situations is say sorry.

Gazondaily3502d ago

"It certainly wasn’t any ill-intention on behalf of the team."

Yeah of course. No one is claiming that (minus some fools who thought Evo was doing this on purpose so that you had to buy the actual game).

It is embarrassing but they can at least rest a little easier knowing that even the likes of 343 with Halo and DICE with BF4 have suffered with similar problems.

JoGam3502d ago

Honestly they should be embarrassed. I have Drive Club and its a awesome game but it wasn't ready to released. So much work needed to be done.

Gazondaily3502d ago

Yeah the year long delay makes things worse too. How they thought they could be ready for launch is beyond me.

uth113502d ago

I really don't think they realized it wasn't ready. Or else they would have done something like "Challenges will be coming with the weather patch later this year". That would have saved them a lot of embarrassment.

theshonen88993502d ago

To be honest, I really don't care about the multiplayer problems. The real sin in my eyes is the complete lack of Logitech wheel support. I really hope the PS4 adds support before GT7 comes out.

OpenGL3502d ago

Little Big Planet 3 on PS4 is another one that wasn't ready to release. The load times are considerably worse than what was experienced on LBP1 and 2 on PS3, and the game had frequent crashes before the 1.03 patch came out 3 weeks after launch.

Performance also leaves a lot to be desired with online levels that were created using the previous games. It frequently locks up and there is often near-constant image tearing.

There seems to be a trend this generation with developers rushing to get their games out in an unfinished form. Assassin's Creed Unity, Drive Club, LBP3, Master Chief Collection, and I'm sure even more. Even GTA V, a game that came out more than a year ago on previous gen consoles still has online issues.

Ghoul3502d ago


Actually i could bet my ass that the game was very different prior the year delay.
this smells like a publisher decision changing core mechanics, such changes can easily take you out of scedule not beeing able to proceed fighting bugs until the "new" route has been worked through.
And then you hit a spot were youre forced to push the product out fingers crossed

WeAreLegion3502d ago

Load times? Load times on LBP3 are significantly faster than LBP and LBP2. Something might be wrong with yours.

NuggetsOfGod3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Think the game sold well anyway lol

Imo forza deserved the better sales.

StrawberryDiesel4203502d ago

Just like Halo MCC, games rushed out for the Holiday(Black Friday) is what it comes down to.

guitarded773502d ago

@ StrawberryDiesel420

But DriveClub wasn't "rushed" for the holiday season. It was given an extra year of development, during which, there was no beta to stress test servers, or even see if the code was right.

There was no more delaying this game. Had they delayed it again, that would have been an even bigger embarrassment. Sony and Evo screwed the pooch with DC. They should be embarrassed, and I hope they learned from this.

We're still waiting for the PS+ version too.

morganfell3502d ago

This article is more than a little late. Sony dropped the ball on Drive Club. That is true. But lets not examine the fact that had they delayed it again they would have been lambasted to no end while continually delayed titles like The Witcher 3 get a pass. Sorry IGN jerks but you cannot have it both ways. What can we expect though from an organization that is a disservice to gamers and employs exactly zero standards and uniformity in the manner in which various companies are treated.

Sony dropped the ball. Now the day after a jawdropping patch is released (Neogaf is stunned by it) this launch type article surfaces. Someone really doesn't want Drive Club to do well no matter what occurs.

andrewer3502d ago

If I read somewhere "From the same testers of AC Unity" everything would be clear xD

But really, who the hell are those testers who give an okay to these games?

Spotie3502d ago

@Guitarded: no beta? So what is this article talking about?


Look, I get it. Evolution screwed up. But let's not go short changing them. Besides, if it were something a stress test could have discovered, I don't think it would have taken so long to fix.

Dee_913502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

"PlayStation UK boss Fergal Gara has admitted both the company and Evolution Studios is "embarrassed" over Driveclub's launch issues, and used it as an example for why games should be delayed if they're not ready."

Umm no, considering the (main) issue is server capacity, delaying it wouldn't have helped.What would have helped would have been multiplayer demos or betas.You can't simulate how much stress your server can handle ... apparently.You have to put it under actual stress, by thousands of gamers.
This is just my assumption of course.Because it seem like most of the games that suffer these issues don't have demos and betas and can only spot the issues after the servers are under load

If I remember correctly that was a closed beta.So not many people had access.. They specifically said its the server capacity.
So yes a substantial stress test would have fixed the issues for the most part.
Like I said in that article, managing servers I assume is something relatively new to a lot of developers.So I can't really fault them for much.. aside from not releasing a multiplayer demo or beta and such.

fr0sty3502d ago

343, Dice, even Bethesda had issues that made Skyrim unplayable due to game breaking bugs when it launched, and it isn't even an online game. It's too common these days for games to launch broken. They have become so complex to make that it's difficult to put together a well-tested game in the time budget that is allowed to these studios when they embark on a multimillion dollar project. Publishers want the game out ASAP to start earning money and so they don't have to keep dishing out checks to programmers and artists out of that game's budget. They don't always give the devs the time they need to properly test their game, so we can't put all the blame on the devs. However, in the case of Driveclub, you should never launch an online dependent game without a proper beta.

Kingthrash3603502d ago

At guitarded
True drive club had and extra year.
But MCC are remakes and ports of old games from old systems...so that nullified that argument......also ms has that 100000000 servers too
Tbh both disappointed as far as online playing was concerned ...I'm just happy they weren't acu's level of incomplete.
That's who this article should be aimed at imo

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Christopher3502d ago

I think it was mismanaged. We kept seeing improvements to the graphics on an almost monthly basis. They should have set milestones and tested those at whatever level of graphics they had achieved. Once they had met those with public tests, then they could release and patch in updates to graphics like they are doing with weather.

To be honest, I hope some of the management gets replaced because of this game. It is apparent that the ball was dropped way too often and they need people in there that can manage milestones much better than the current set of managers.

NeoGamer2323502d ago

Agreed. You don't get three weeks before launch in 2013 and then say the game isn't ready. They knew there were problems long before that and they were not addressed properly because almost a year later it really wasn't ready for launch.

To me, DriveClub, Halo MCC, BF4, and Assassin's Creed Unity go down as the biggest screw ups in gaming. It has really given games a bad reputation this past year.

G20WLY3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if some heads rolled - and rightly so. The only saving grace is that the game turned out great eventually!

Now they have to hope it doesn't impact early sales of their next game (Motorstorm?!) due to cautious buyers.

Side note: Is that picture really necessary? "Fail Club" - really? The title is clear enough and "Fail Club" is immaturely trolling what is finally a great product. Can we change it, to avoid misleading people into thinking there are further problems?

fr0sty3502d ago

I wouldn't say bumping up the visuals caused any of the server troubles, they just didn't test the online aspects of this game enough. They didn't even have a beta. That is a fatal mistake this day and age with a game that relies on connectivity.

Christopher3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

***I wouldn't say bumping up the visuals caused any of the server troubles, ***

This isn't just about server issues. This is about the full on year delay in addition to the notably disastrous release. One can only imagine what the game would have looked like or played if it was released last year when it was intended.

***they just didn't test the online aspects of this game enough.***

There were a lot more failures in the management of this game than just not testing. You don't delay a game twice for so long without other issues.

***They didn't even have a beta.***

Part of properly managing a game. Also a sign that the game just wasn't ready, IMHO.

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360ICE3502d ago

@Regarding the delay, that's pretty typical for IT projects and game development. Suddenly you hit a bug that requires changes throughout the entire system, and before you know it, you have several months of extra work ahead of you.

Christopher3502d ago

No. A whole year delay is not typical in IT projects unless they are horribly mismanaged or major changes are made in the process.

Even Sony cited, though I'm sure it was heavily played down, that Driveclub was delayed due to social gameplay issues. Those exact same issues that caused them to have such a huge issue at launch. I think it was way more than that based on how much was improved outside of social features during that time.

The point of managing a project is understanding its scope, your workforce, and utilizing the resources you have to set milestones. Driveclub was a horrible representation of how to develop a game. First the whole year push back (which is a major thing to do now and is a sign of issues), then the ongoing issues at release after the huge dealy, and the game was incomplete (still were working on weather).

360ICE3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )


Oh. Guess my lecturers were either wrong or lying then.

Seriously, though, and to be a little more specific. It's not typical IN IT, but typical FOR IT Projects. Meaning that specifically IT projects have more delays than other projects.

A whole year might not be the standard, but there's something called Chaos Theory in IT, which reflects how incredibly many projects are delayed or end up exceeding their budget.

The same reasons for these delays transfer to game development. It's an unpredictable business.

You don't have to know the theory behind it to recognise this, though. Just take a look at how many other games either are or have been delayed for almost as long, or for even longer than Driveclub. Many huge projects don't even see the light of day.

Driveclub is also quite ambitious, so defining the scope for tasks that have never been done before, is even more difficult.

Gemmol3502d ago


so how do Nintendo handle these bugs

Gh05t3501d ago

If any of my IT projects were pushed back a year and turned out with this many problems, I would be out of a job.

This isn't a little scope creep. This was bad project management from start to finish.

"Oh. Guess my lecturers were either wrong or lying then"

You will find that many lecturers are wrong. There is a reason for the saying "...those who can't teach."

Not to mention if you are being taught that it is standard for projects to be delayd and come in over time and budget than you need a different teacher. the point should be to teach you how to maintain both by good planning.

360ICE3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

It's what you feel is the case in your job versus decades of empiricial research. It's not the same for all businesses or industries, but for the industry as a whole, delays are frequent and budgets are blown often.

Regarding my lecturers, I'd rather take their word -- and the research they're citing -- than someone on the Internet, any day of the week. No offense.

And to reiterate, I never said it was the standard. I said it's more frequent in IT than in other businesses.