Mad Cats Ships Arcade GameStick for Xbox Live Arcade

Mad Catz Interactive announced today that its Arcade GameStick for Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox 360 and PC has shipped to stores. The controller includes three full Xbox Live Arcade games: Frogger, Time Pilot and Astropop plus a free Xbox Gold trial membership.

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NextGen24Gamer5958d ago

This is just what I need for Pac Man and all my other arcade games. I have a feeling this will sell extrememly well.

Madmax12819805957d ago

the design of this controller looks really stupid. how the hell are u ment to use it plus im happy enough with the standard 360 pad and i dont play xbox arcade games much myself appart from bankshot pool or marble blast wich work just fine with the 360 pad.

MicroGamer5957d ago

if they put the stick in the center instead of off in a corner. It would have felt more like an old fashioned joystick.

bloop5957d ago

Jesus, who got paid to design that thing??? How the hell do they expect you to use the left trigger and bumper?!?!? The mind boggles!!! They should at least have put the LB & RB beside A,B,X & Y, like a Street Fighter layout.