Top 8 Video Game Trailers Better Than Games

Game trailers are the first taste of players before the actual games come to our gaming platform. Publishers spend talent and money in developing CGI trailers to promote games that are far from expectations once released.

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WeAreLegion1412d ago

I'm not giving this site any hits. Cyberblackdeals is a joke.

Also, Killzone 2 freaking rocks. Even the critics loved that one.

Helloween131412d ago

If I remember right Killzone looked just like that so what are they on

Orpheo1412d ago

"Killzone 2" is 2nd on their list and Blackdeals seems to have a valid point. For their discussion of KZ2 they admit the game overall is awesome, just that it didn't stack up to the quality of a now-infamous early E3 trailer that most critics state KZ2 never lived up to. So, graphically, I'd say Blackdeals is right here.

On a personal note I didn't like KZ2 at all and I'm a Killzone franchise fan. From the KZ games I've played and beaten so far I'd arrange them in order from my fave to my least liked installment thusly: KZ3 > KZ1 > KZ:L > KZ2. Got Mercenaries not long ago but haven't played it yet; I also don't have a PS4 yet to experience ShadowFall.

Another title on the list that I may have issue with is "Haze" at #8. I really like "Haze" and think it's a fun game. I don't think the trailer was necessarily better than the game but I do think "Haze" was a victim of over-hype on the whole.