Sony making a game based on Hanuman the Monkey King

While the PS3 has been out for nearly two years now, Sony's PS2 still has a lot of life in it. This is especially true in places like India and the Middle East. In recent news, Sony announced partnership with up to 13 different developers in India to create India-centric games centering on Bollywood (Singstar with Indian tracks) and Indian mythology.

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Condoleezza Rice3759d ago

That goes by the name of Ramayan.

Rama262853759d ago

That's very cool indeed! My name (Rama) will be more known so I wont have to deal to with all the different way people say it, you'd be surprised all the different ways people think those four letters sound lol

What would be even better though, would be the Mahabharata. Now that'd have to have a mature rating for all the gore :)

ganaeshd3759d ago

What took them so long? Hindu mythology is so bloody epic, you could come out with so many huge action-adventure games that can give the FF franchise a run for its money.

An M rating, eh? Ah, that would be awesome. But this will probably be a new IP, so they'll be aiming for a T rating to be on the safe side, financially. I don't mind. As long as I can kick ass as Hanuman, sign me up!

juuken3759d ago

...Monkey business? x3

PoSTedUP3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

lol^ sounds cool though. hopefully the game is good.

PoSTedUP3759d ago

lol^ sounds cool though. hopefully the game is good.