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"It’s quite surprising that there aren’t many MMOs that have utilized the theme of martial arts. You’d think with the advent of The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and a slew of older Kung Fu-related movies (cheers to you, Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and Jackie Chan), someone should have banked on making an MMO that incorporates swift punches, high-flying kicks, and flashy throw downs early on. There is just so much potential in a game that allows players to become their very own martial arts masters, and Snail Games have tasked themselves to capturing that prospect with Age of Wushu.

Age of Wushu is the martial arts-inspired, Free to Play, sandbox MMO from Snail Games which has its players experience controlling their very own Hero while learning various martial disciplines in the backdrop of Ancient China. With such a very interesting angle for an MMO, does this title live up to its promise of bamboo-jumping, fist-flying, and sword and staff-wielding goodness? Or does it still need more time to focus by means of meditating under a waterfall? Let’s find out – here’s the review for Age of Wushu!"

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