Gamestyle Review: Okami (Wii)

Gamestyle writes: "Very few games can claim to be Zelda-beaters, but when Okami was released on the PS2 last year, it deserved that title. Steeped in Japanese folklore, the adventure of sun goddess Amaterasu and her faithful sidekick Issun may not have been a sales success, however it was a critical one, earning much praise.

Now we have a Wii port, but due to Clover's unfortunate demise, the porting duties fall to ReadyAtDawn studios. Bizarrely, they saw fit to not even give Clover any recognition whatsoever, even removing their logo from the opening credits. Still, it would take a disaster the size of Jupiter to make this anything less than fantastic."

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Rikitatsu3764d ago

Nintendo fanboys hate this game because it really destroyed the Zelda franchise (which was stale since OoT )

Most Underhyped game ever : Okami

ebenezer663764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Well, I intend on buying it precisely because of its Zelda similarities - but will hold off on whether it's better or not until I've played it.

Anyway, all indications are pointing towards this being a bigger seller on Wii than it ever was on the PS2 - so why the hate from the Sony fanboys??

- A Zelda Fanboy