Final Fantasy VII PS4 Is The Ultimate Troll

During the PlayStation Experience keynote today, Square Enix came out to announce that Final Fantasy VII will be coming to PS4, and it feels like a bad joke.

nX3102d ago

Haha yeah, but at least we're getting something (and the rumors were true after all).

thorstein3102d ago you guys are S T U P I D. They CLEARLY said that the graphics would be updated.

Wow. Just wow. Kotaku idiots have trouble with their hearing.

Snookies123102d ago

The updated graphics aren't really all that updated... It's just the PC version's port.

TheRedButterfly3102d ago

They said the graphics would be upSCALED - not upDATED. Big difference.

Godmars2903102d ago

"They said the graphics would be upSCALED - not upDATED. Big difference."


So years after the release of the 480p and 720p version, you're honestly saying that you're going to get in line for the 1080p version?

This when they're about to offer the game for rental not only on iOS, but at a price at what you could buy it for.

If anything I wouldn't be surprised that they had the nerve to charge more on the PS4 as PSN.

Kamikaze1353101d ago

Updated as in it will be displayed in 1080p. But on the PC, the textures aren't really updated, the models are the same, and the music files are MIDI...if they can at least give us higher quality PSX music files, I would be happy.

jujubee883101d ago

I'm marveling at why SE thought it would be good to tease it like that (or even reveal it on the floor at all).

Really, I feel like the looks of death from the live audience should have pierced that companies soul.

Killzoner993101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Well Kotaku will take any chance they can to troll Sony so this is not surprising in the least. It's pathetic really. Regardless Sony always comes out on top smelling like roses.

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Godmars2903102d ago

You mean something different from the PSN version?

FFS: they should either be offering it for free, or as part of PS+.

hay3101d ago

Hey! It's Square we're talking about! I bet a disc release is more probable than a freebie.

Kalebninja3102d ago

i almost threw a chair in excitement and then they showed the trailer :/

llxKonanxll3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

If Square made a re-make of FF7 exclusive to Ps4... the gaming world would collapse. To the same effect as the internet "breaking".

DragonKnight3101d ago

And not in the same way Kim Kardashian supposedly broke the internet.

RiseofScorpio3101d ago

Oh please the vastly superior Ocarina of Time has had its re-release and the internet didnt shake at all.

salazarnaruto523101d ago

Ocarina of Time isn't that good. FFVII is leagues better

Snookies123101d ago

A re-release with somewhat updated graphics on a handheld... That would have nothing on remaking one of the greatest RPG's of all time on today's hardware.

Magicite3101d ago

I said that long before PSX.

-Foxtrot3101d ago

Watch Square turn around and say something like

"Maybe if the sales are high for this game we'll look into a remake"

They say the same thing everytime to try and get people to buy their next FF product.

Benjammin253101d ago

It's a shame. If Square Enix announced a real Final Fantasy 7 remake exclusive to PS4, even the most hardcore Xbox and Nintendo fans would want one.

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