The Game Awards 2014: A Sincere, If Flawed, First Attempt

The Game Awards 2014 got a lot right, but they also got a whole lot wrong.

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Relientk771411d ago

It was better than last year, so it's an improvement

AngelicIceDiamond1411d ago

Agreed, It beats the hell out of last year.

The presentation alone was day and night. But it was an indy fest which isn't exactly a bad thing.

Glad to see Sony and Nintendo attending the show.

Overall it was good but not the best.

SkippyPaccino1411d ago

I found it kinda funny that Microsoft was a no-show... I thought they were all about the games now? 😉

I thought it was a good overall show and I always prefer a setting that has a live crowed.

KnightRobby1411d ago

I thought it was great. It felt like it had no time constraints because it was NOT on TV. It was nearly 4 hours as I recall, which is incredible. Ton of game reveals.

I was expecting a total crap experience, but I will say this is the step in the right direction definitely.

cemelc1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

This was a great show, last year was awfull.

-Imagine dragon legend of zelda majorask mask song was amazing.
-Linsey from youtube with dragon age.
-Legend of zelda demo (skyrim map zelda gameplay) was personally a dream come true.

It can be improved, but wont see me complaining if next year is more of the same.

GearsOfWar1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Honestly, I feel like they finally got it right.

I'm not saying there isn't room for improvement but I think we expect too much from an awards show. That's due to the hype Keighley creates but also partly from our high expectations.

I would be fine if they kept the show close to this format in the future. It's a good balance. The world premieres/announcements are there as the icing to keep us interested in what's new and unknown, while everything else is there to showcase the past year of gaming in a way that's relevant to us.

I feel like we should do a better job communicating to Keighley that it was a step in the right direction so that he knows what to shoot for in the future. All the show needs is a little more polish and refinement.

Who knows, developers might be more inclined to drop bombshells next time.

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temple1411d ago

I think overall it was a nice improvement over last year, but these world premiers and trailers fell a little flat. I kept waiting for a huge game announcement (Fallout 4 someday?), and I kept getting games I have little to no interest in. I think that the last game announced at the VGA's or TGA's that I cared about was Skyrim.

Eonjay1411d ago

It was a strong start for the new program. It was a actual awards show with a proper dedication and Reggie was even okay. As the highest ranking guy in the business there, he was able to drum up support for Nintendo without seeming to competitive.

Scott was cool. I like the fact that he was basically in and out and I actually enjoyed the music performance from the No Man's Sky Soundtrack.

iamlegend99991411d ago

Imo, was really boring. Nothing but performances i didn't care about and over hyped announcements that wasn't that big at all. Probably the last time i watch a video game awards show.

Kevlar0091411d ago

I could actually see production values at the The Game Awards. The company presenters took it seriously based on the level of content they revealed (no Cranky Kong reveal this time)

memots1411d ago

Cranky Kong was almost as cringe worthy as the ever infamous Riiiiiiiiiiidge Racer ...

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