Kotaku: Hands On with Grimm

Kotaku writes: "American McGee's Grimm has been somewhat of a mystery to me since it was announced. The concept sounded good, I mean anything based on Grimm's fairy tales always catches my interest. I had been anxious to see exactly what it was going to be like and today I got my chance. It was certainly different than what I expected it might be and way more as well.

As you may have heard, Grimm is going to be an episodic game, with new episodes appearing every week. Episodes will be free for the first 24 hours and from there you can either purchase them individually from or get them free via a gold GameTap subscription. Each episode will take on a different fairy tale (some well know and some not so well known) with the first being "The Boy Learns What Fear Is," and others to follow including "Red Riding Hood" and 'The Girl Without Hands.'"

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