Gaming Nexus: Warlords Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Going into my review of Warlords I was more than a little worried. Yes, I absolutely adore the original 1980 arcade game, but at the same time I have been less than impressed by Atari's other recent Xbox Live Arcade ports. Would this be the game that changed all that? No, sadly it isn't. But I can safely say that fans of Warlords will get their five dollars worth when buying this game ... and at the end of the day maybe that's all that really matters.

Warlords can best be described as a cross between Rampart and Breakout. That may sound like an odd combination, but once you sit down with Warlords you'll be so swept up by the fast-paced action that you'll completely forget what Breakout even is. The basic premise is simple; you control a castle that is under siege by a ball that is bouncing from one person to another. But you aren't alone, there are actually four castles on the board (one on each intersecting corner of the TV set), so you will need to tear down the other player's walls (and take them out) before you suffer the same fate. Of course, that's easier said than done."

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