Old School Multiplayer Games We Can't Get Enough Of

Call of Duty? Nah, let's take a break and get some of these games on.

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ThichQuangDuck3674d ago

Why does nothing from this generation multiplayer wise really feel like it will be truly missed? Over sequelization and feautre creep. The cost of high production values.

tdogchristy903674d ago

I already miss halo 3...then they cod'd it with reach and 4.

A7XEric3674d ago

I don't really see it with Reach, but def Halo 4.

ThichQuangDuck3674d ago

Halo 2 was my personal favorite,but Halo 3 was still. Great the companies become so obsessed with making money rather than keeping the core of what made series great

tdogchristy903674d ago


I miss the fun antics arcadie, almost college buddy pick up and play feel it had. I guess a lot of that comes from my enjoyment in college. It was almost like a "party shooter" just fun.

Knight_Crawler3674d ago

Well said game that I miss from this gen and wish they made another one is Lost Odyssey.

paydayp3674d ago

i just reply about this in a ni no kuni thread to guy who said he hasnt play a good JRPG since the ps2.

lost odyssey was so great loved the text stories and how they were set up with the sound and art. it worked so great.
the overall story was great also there´s still so much potential for a sequel. i would love it

kristoforsparrow3674d ago

The majority of my favorite multiplayer games are on the N64. That console was built with multiplayer as the focus, with 4 ports for controllers.

EddieNX 3674d ago

The Gamecube and wii were both great multiplayer consoles and so is now the wiiu.

It only take a go of Nintendo land , NSMBU or Rayman legends Demo to see this console is trying to keep local multiplayer alive and kicking...

Y_51503674d ago

I had a blast playing Rayman Legends at my local Gamestop with my Bros. Can't wait till it's time for me to get a Wii U!

Blastoise3674d ago

Bomberman! Had that on the Snes. That was a classic multiplayer game

Venoxn4g3674d ago

its amazing, I'm still mad at konami that there are no news (or maybe even cancel) or Bomberman 3DS

paydayp3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

wasn´t bomberman owned by hudson soft who went bankrupt?

Venoxn4g3673d ago

@paydayp Konami bought Hudson

Cam9773674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Here are some old MP games I enjoyed playing alongside mates:

• 007 NIGHTFIRE - a classic! This game had fantastic MP, I would love a HD remake.

• CONFLICT: Global Storm - acting like a fireteam with my friend where one person takes a buddy and the other does that too before departing down a different path was great fun! I personally loved the desert level with the Jeep.

• MOH (PS1) - OOoh yes, this game had funny personas and great gameplay; in my books, another worthy classic.

TheFirstClassic3674d ago

Still play mario kart and smash bros with some buddies from time to time, the n64 was the best system ever for local mp imo.

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