5 Games That Died On Release

' Some games are destined to die. Not because they’re bad. Not because of development problems. Not even because they fail to sell. They’re just not meant for this world… Here’s 5 that should have done better, but never reached the land of magic*.

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iplay1up21441d ago

Wii U, has a great attach rate this gen for its 1st party games on Wii U, and not just MK8. The article did not even mention the fact SSB is the fastest selling Wii U game to date, and that includes faster than MK8. Also Zombie U IS getting a sequil. The whole Wii U comments were crap.

2pacalypsenow1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

thats all you got from his article? lol

He said they are all DOA not that they dont sell , he says that people dont care about them.
He specifically states that Rage sold well 2 million plus but that no cared for the game.

Whic is true unless you are a mario fan the wii has not released anything worth getting unless you are a fan of mario games

iplay1up21440d ago

No, but the article said basically the only Wii U game with any sales is MK8. That is simply not the case. It says every Wii U game has failed accept MK8.

mydyingparadiselost1440d ago

If you're only a Mario fan then the Wii U really doesn't have a lot to offer.

3-4-51440d ago

"All Wii U games aside from MK8" ? WTF ?


There are less games for the Wii U, but more of them are of higher quality.

Nintendo can only do so much to support their own system.

Looking back on it....these are some of the best Nintendo games ever created and they are being overlooked by people who don't own the system, so they aren't be recognized for what they truly are.

* I've yet to regret buying a Wii U game, but I've already traded in COD:AW, AC:Unity, Destiny, & GTA5 for my XB1.

XB1 is awesome, but there are a few hits and misses.

It gets more 3rd party though.

If Nintendo had that 3rd party, things would be kicking into full gear right now for them.

creatchee1440d ago

"As well as pissing everybody off by making them pay £45,678 to access all of the game’s content, Killer Instinct had such a troubled time that even the developer ran away once it had tied up everything its end."

This guy is an idiot. It was 19.99 for all of Season 1's content, and is 19.99 for all of Season 2's as well.

Also the developer didn't run away - they were bought by Amazon. The author should research better before he flaps his gums.

halfblackcanadian1440d ago

Thanks, I wanted to come and say basically that. The game has done nothing if not gain more momentum as time passes. TBH I wish Street Fighter would do this to a degree instead of releasing separate disc editions to every upgrade

lemoncake1440d ago

This is such a weird list with weird reasons.

dotwithshoes1440d ago

Fanboys disguised as fanboys of other things. sad author.

Geekman1440d ago

The only Wii U game that died on release was Watch Dogs.

Sit down.