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"It's usually poor form to talk about another game in a review, but FIFA has captured the mindshare of football fans for half a decade now, and it is now a better point of reference for the game of football than football itself. So please forgive me while frame my review of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 in the context of the FIFA series.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 does a glorious job of recreating the game of football. It's the only modern football game that lets you try things you've seen in real matches and have a reasonable expectation that they will come off. For years EA's FIFA has pushed players to the wings, shutting down plays up the centre by turning the game into jostling physical battles both on and off the ball. In FIFA a run down the middle is a feint, a probing attack or an act of derision designed to show contempt for your opponent, because the odds of it working against a competent player are slim. "

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