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objdadon1412d ago

Can't wait! I own damn near every current gen game for all three consoles but destiny is what I play everyday!!!!!

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mediate-this1412d ago

I dont even enjoy pve that much, only reason to play pve for was to upgrade armour, with new patch all that has changed.

Pvp is just like any m.p, its fun as hell and im still playing it. I love it. Destiny may not be perfect but no game is.

Dare i say best game this gen? Maybe bungie can realize some of their faults add some free stuff down the line. But for me and im only speaking for my self, i got my monies worth from destiny.

ltachiUchiha1412d ago

after the few new updates i notice destiny servers been sh**. never had this problem before. the dlc looks cool but the grind is getting tiring.

what this game is missing is having a good guardian and bad guardian like dc universe online. i miss exploring areas and just watching villains and heros going at it in all different areas. i wish der was a mode where we can just kill other guardians who try an take away your farming area lol. wish they had bosses u can kill as bounties like dc universe just wondering around in normal missions. so many things missing in this game.

mediate-this1411d ago

Yeah theres lots they can do to make better for s.p players, but like i said im a multiplayer gamer the crucible is fun for me.

BattleTorn1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I'm excited.

November was unofficially my month away from Destiny.

I don't know yet whether this will be enough to make my return permanent. Though the length of my stay, despite the content, surprised me the first time, so.. (and by that I mean I got addicted)

Personally, I don't see what sets this $20 expansion apart from the FREE limited-time events. They both add a new vendor to the tower, they both add a lineup of new gear, & bounties.
It would leave one to believe the only thing truly being paid for is the 1 strike, 1 raid and 3 missions.

Kyosuke_Sanada1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I just hope they have a slew of new legendary weapons and gear instead of a few exotics. It would have been nice to discover more Old Russia weaponry parts that you can take to Banshee and create futuristic versions (such as a Suros version of an AK-47 probably called the Laika: Just give this rifle a bone......"

Also more legendary gear should be in order that are both Hive and Earth inspired with exotics being rare due more to stats than just looks. Before I am lynched for the last comment read me out, the gear selection is terribly bland in Destiny which is sad because the factions have themes they can create gear for.

An example, New Monarchy looks to be Asian influenced so why aren't they selling gear that are based Ninja, Samurais and other well known warriors. Let the exotic gear based of Shinto, Buddhists or Confucius. (Like an Exotic called the Buddhist Palm which of course focuses on raising melee damage. It can be Tibetan Gauntlet that exposes your character arm holding Monk beads.) I'm tired of wearing gear that only difference aesthetic wise is just a colour of paint.

I thought of those ideas in 10 minutes. Come on Bungie, get it together.

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