Madden NFL 09 Achievements Revealed

The achievements for Madden NFL 09 have been revealed by A huge change from last year, there are only 25 achievements for the full 1000 points. A fairly simple list, where quite a few achievements revolve around touchdown celebrations and the rest are basic accomplishments such as getting a certain number of sacks or Touchdowns. For the full list of achievements, click the link below.

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GiantEnemyCrab3766d ago

Where are the trophy announcements?? Oh right, they will be piece mealed in later and then you have to redo all your gameplay over again in order to get them ghetto style. That is if EA decides to do it at all.

AssassinXIII3766d ago

The PS3 Trophies will kill the x3fixme achievements thanks to thier leveling up system, once again the PS3 is superior to the x3fixme, and EA will open their eyes 2 see that soon
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GiantEnemyCrab3766d ago

Leveling up! LOL! I am a 50 level PSDouchebag and you are only level 10!

How does that make it any better than a gamerscore? Face it, it will be a pieced together POS service like PSN in general. I think you need to drop out of Xbot Anger Management and get into the Insecure Inferiority Complex program (we call it little pee pee syndrome for short).

What was that? Did I get you angry Assassin? LOL

JackBauerIsHIGH3766d ago

you have a lot of anger in your heart about gaming.

if you play madden for achievements you're playing for the wrong reasons anyway.

achievements are wack anyways (and i do have a 360 so im not saying that because of console preference).

CallOfWar223766d ago

LOL from what i can see from those achievements is that computer will be just like last years and intercept anything in the air! You will fumble a lot more in games. Dolphins running game will suck even though Ronnie Brown is one of the best RB i have ever seen! Falcons will suck at a passing game which makes sense cuz Matt Ryan or Harrington aren't really going to get the job done. Well u get the point the teams u need to score TD's with, JEts and others will be the worst. Damn 12 sacks for an achievement. U can only do that on easy unless u play a horrible offensive line with the best pass rush in the NFL. Lets see Giants VS Lions. I can't remember who had the worst o-line.

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HerBieScrogg3766d ago

Trophies whaaaa???.........That should have been done since day one of the PS3 release....Sony sure knows how to keep there Fans droolings....for NOTHING

jwatt3766d ago

Now everything is going to be about achievements vs trophies lol no more graphical comparisons.

GiantEnemyCrab3766d ago

So true! To think they have to go back and replay these games again to even get those Entitlements. What a time waster.. LOL

Achievements the originator not the imitator.

Lifendz3766d ago

and made them better. And you pay to get what I get for free. Make sure you have that 60 per for MS.

name3766d ago

It turns your gaming into somewhat of an RPG in itself. Ign believes trophies are better than achievements, but surely you are far more credible than them.

GiantEnemyCrab3766d ago

Somewhat of an RPG? You get levels instead of gamerscore? How is that superior again to leaderboards?

It's still going to be a mess with not all games supporting it. What is the use if it's not standard across every game?

IGN's resident PS3 fanb*tches said they were superior? Color me surprised. I can't see anyone being excited about redoing all of their gameplay again so they can actually get a trophy.. What a fail.

killinet2473766d ago

Sorry but it will be for all games Sony is planning on not certifying games unless they have tropies implemented into the game. Do some research before you talk out of your ass about things you know nothing about.

CallOfWar223766d ago

Cuz they are definetly lacking RPG games for the PS3!!! THey probably tried to talk to Square Enix but no luck and decided we will make our own RPG out of achievements!!! Even with PSN improving their loose structure will not let the PSN catch up to XBL. Few developers will be lazy with the online and make people go through useless menus and make useless dozens and dozens of Game ID's. Or crash like GTA 4 did its first week on PS3.

I thought PS3 was the future, Why is the future copying the Past???

DX F3NIX3766d ago

madden same as the old games