Three Single Player Games To Look Out For In December

OnlySP: Welcome to December single players. We won’t sugar coat it for you: this month will not compare with last month. We had Dragon Age Inquisition, Far Cry 4, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and a bunch more. We hope you are having fun with those, but if you have some spare time or just can’t help yourself here are a few games to purchase or receive for the holidays.

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crashbash1415d ago

I'm nearly done with Shadows of Mordor so I think I'll finally get around to picking up Dragon Age Inquisition. Lots of time off around December so I'm looking forward to it.

crashbash1415d ago

It's excellent, really good. I've spent loads of time just with the sidequests and killing the captains. My only gripe would be that the locations are pretty samey, but other than that it's a very solid, fun game.