Install Xbox one Thumbsticks on Dualshock 4

This video shows you probably the best Dualshock 4 mod ever. this mod fixes the annoying issues with the stock thumbsticks by replacing it with the amazing Xbox One thumbsticks. This removes the biggest problem with the Dualshock 4 that of which the rubber piles off very easily

What you need:
-Xbox one thumbsticks:
-Phillipshead Screwdriver
and be willing to open up your ds4 (Obviously)

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THC CELL1413d ago

done this the track pad wire is a bitch remember what i said

ClassicAli941413d ago

If you be careful and go Nice and slow not hard at all this was my first time and since than I've done it again not hard at all if you are careful you will have no issues

bouzebbal1411d ago

instead of this why not just buy extra rubber grip sticks? they work well, they are cheap and installed quickly.

OB1Biker1411d ago

I just find the controller a lot more comfortable with good thumbs grips so theres no issue for me

Fro_xoxo1413d ago

tut tut tut. . this is a compliment to the XO controller.

ClassicAli941413d ago

Yh so Xbox one controller has excellent thumbsticks

Fro_xoxo1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Yes it does. . The XO controller is better than DS4, apparently. . . In my opinion :)

mikeslemonade1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

That's not an opinion. That's a fact. Tired of people throwing around the word opinion. Things aren't equal therefore somethings are just better.

+Better Battery life
+Better ergonomic
+Better Build quality
+Better Triggers
+Better Thumbsticks
+Better Thumbstick covers that DON'T TEAR

TWB1411d ago


I really dont agree with the ergonomics and trigger points. Never like XB controllers shape that much and neither are the triggers my favourites (I prefer to use L1/R1 for shooters either way) but I prefer DS4's, though the trigger vibration does sound neat.

Build quality I cant compare between XB1 controller vs DS4 but the quality to me feels much better than DS3's and slightly better than XB360's pad's)

As far as I remember the battery isnt poor but its the damn light that sucks all the juice out, its still much worse than DS3's (my old one still gets like 40-50h out from full charge). With the light physically disable in DS4 I remember reading it lasts at least some +20-30 hours.

1nsomniac1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )


+Better Battery life - Absolutely

- Not Better ergonomics - Peoples thumbs are generally in the same position on both hands also L1/R1 shoulder buttons are horribly positioned.

+Better Build quality - Absolutely

+/-Better Triggers - Triggers yes, again shoulder buttons no.

+/-Better Thumbsticks - absolutely yes, again this is build quality really.

-Better Thumbstick covers that DON'T TEAR - again this is you repeating yourself.

I do think overall the XBone pad is better but thats due to build quality. If I could have the DS4 with the build quality of the XBone pad I would be the happiest. Saying that though I would equally be the happiest if I could have the Xbone pad with better shoulder buttons. I'm not overly fussed with the thumbstick positioning but I'd miss the touchpad.

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Play2Win1411d ago

It is not a fact to be honest. A fact would be that Rome is in Italy :) But I love my Xbox One Controller and every time I go to my friends home and we play Fifa on his PS4 I say to myself I really like that I have the One Controller at home (also for PC). I feels so good especialy the triggers.

gamer78041411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

agreed, lol, but there are certain aspects that are facts and some that are opinions

fact: battery life is better
fact: thumbsticks grip does not wear off
fact: has rumble triggers.

opinion: triggers and shoulder buttons are better
opinion: ergonomics

equal: d-pads finally

opinion: DS4: does have a touchpad, but imo it actually is a determent to the controller (i.e. killzone)

i like my ps4 but in my opinion the XO controller is overall better.

OB1Biker1411d ago

-battery life is not a problem specially with 2 controllers +you dont need to change the batteries which I see as a - in xbox controller
-the only problem I see with the DS4 is weak rubber stick but I use thumb grips which I find very comfortable
-triggers and shoulder buttons are great on PS4 (I heard many complained about shoulder buttons on xbox)
ergonomics are personal preference I cant stand asymmetric sticks
DS4 speaker, touchpad and lightbar are greatly immersive with games using these feature (more and more games are)

Noble901413d ago

Xbox one has great thumbsticks.

badboyz091412d ago

Only thing I installed was a bigger Battery.

Alsybub1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I think I'll do the same. I thought there was something wrong with my PS4 controller at first, because it lasts a fraction of the time that my X1 controller does. I usually end up keeping it plugged in all of the time.

Elwenil1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Meh, I installed a set of Modsticks on my new camo DS4. I usually just glue on a small circle cut from a drywall sanding screen and call it good, but I love the adjustable height and extra precision with the Modsticks. I was actually going to do a review of them here on N4G, but I guess I would have to do a blog post since the reviews are only setup for games. But I highly recommend the Modsticks to anyone looking for more speed or precision, depending on how you adjust them.

No, I am not affiliated with Modsticks, I just like their quality product and I like to support stuff like them. They also have them for the PS3, 360 and XB1.

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