Twitter Reacts to The Crew

Ubisoft’s cross-country driving game, The Crew came out today and people on Twitter are (as always) talking about it.

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sinjonezp1419d ago

So it's a pretty average racer with micro transaction and a boring story line. Skip it?

polloloco1419d ago

Read the game has alot of Bug's aswell.

Bathyj1419d ago

From Buggisoft?


UKmilitia1419d ago

racing games dont really do it for me anyway and i dont want another Ubishaft game anyway until they sort there issues,I just pray that Massive stick to there word and getmost out of each system like they promised

theRell1419d ago

The closed beta was enough to let me know I will never enjoy it.

Gamer19821419d ago

Me too the handling was less than great (reminded me of GTA IVs handling) and so much traffic on the roads meant you would be crashing every minute.

jegheist20141419d ago

i bought for my brother as christmas present hes enjoying it alot me i like it just controls r lil awkward not enough tips tell u what to do next how do u earn platinum story medal

Si-Fly1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

You realise it's not Christmas yet? That present should be under the tree!

jegheist20141418d ago

I bought digital nohows,i also got us far cry 4 since we live bout 2 hundred miles apart..
im over visiting him for holidays along,with my folks sinces hes disabled i gave to him early i aint seen him in 11 months.

december i do this every year,take 4 weeks off work drive 100 plus miles to visit specifically him.
since hes disabled has autism,other things i will not disclose...
I spoil heck out him on holidays hes got plenty more unde tree trust me wwe 2k15 bunch of sports titles kid is ognna flip my parents r gonna go my god u spoiling him lol.

LonDonE1418d ago

Thats nice of you mate family are everything in this cold heartless world we live in.
I too spoil my kid brother allot, i just my older brothers would do the same to me! lol but seriously i cant imagine how difficult it is, i have a neighbour with autism but he is now happily married and getting on with his life! there was a time when no one would have believed it, but i respect him and he is awesome as a fellow human being!
Funny thing is allot of the so called people who think of themselves as normal are the ones with broken marriages etc while he is going strong and his wife is awesome!

Too many people these days forgot their loved ones! rightly so you should be spoiling him

May Allah(GOD in Arabic) grant you the highest level of paradise(Heaven) and may he grant you happiness my friend in everything you do! Ameen (Amen the Arabic way)

Ninjatogo1419d ago

The Crew, AKA Midnight Club: The Musical, on Ice.