Wired Preview: Too Human in 10 hours

Wired: But for that sort of player who enjoys playing through a game once to see the story and get the experience, Too Human will end long before its time and with not nearly enough payoff for all the story exposition. And it's an uneven 10 hours at best: Sometimes I had a great time mowing down enemies and racking up combos, but sometimes the gameplay just felt frustrating and/or repetitive.


A playthrough only lasts 10 hours if you do a speed run as the article says, "If you're so inclined, you can slam through Too Human's campaign in a little more than 10 hours, and the story of cybernetically enhanced Norse gods ends with a cliffhanger."

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DarthTigra 3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

10 hours for a rpg???

vitz33859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Disappointing for a game that's had 9 years in development. What's next? Duke Nukem forever being only 3 hours long?

Dark_Vendetta3859d ago

stop telling it was 9 years in developement. I don't know how often it was cancelled and they had to start from the beginning.
Still I have to agree. I'm REALLY disappointed. I know it's a triologie but come on 10 hours is nothing!
Now only very good scores could change my opinion (to buy this one ...)

LastDance3859d ago

Im not very familiar with this genre...the use of RPG seems to get used in many contexts.....

Is this game similar style to say...Oblivion? (obviously not in aesthetics or theme design but in core gameplay mechanics - Finding lots of weapons, selling them, having a maximum weight for weapon bags, and talking to people in an open end world?)

Winter47th3859d ago

So much for a decade in the making.

vitz33859d ago

So... $6 an hour then. With next to no replay value.

CrazzyMan3859d ago

but that game had a good replaybility with random dungeons and new quests. =)

If Too Human is only one story mode, then it`s not very good..

The Lazy One3859d ago

"next to no replay value"

Where did you hear that? It's got good replay value. Each level is supposed to scale by your level in loot dropped and difficulty every time you replay them. You can play co-op, and each class plays completely differently.

Replay will be fine.

season0073859d ago

but i guess the story plot from 9 years ago stayed...or else it won't even be called Too human

10hours of gameplay i don't expect a really long and good story either...

plenty a tool3859d ago

the other week, there was a thread saying that game would take 15hours to complete playing co-op with all the cut-scenes not on because they are off for the co-op??!!

anyway, if true 10hrs is short for an rpg, but i'll still be getting on day one.

gaffyh3859d ago

10 hours is ridiculous, I thought Mass Effect was short and I did pretty much all of the side missions... 10 hours doesn't even seem worth playing (and for others that play on Live I doubt this will have any sort of online play, maybe some sort of ranking system)

Hoggy19833859d ago

The author states that you can hammer through the game in 10 hours "if so inclined". Is this not the same "inclination" that leads to MGS4 being beaten in 3-5 hours? (this is not an attempt to bash MGS4 by the way!) Furthermore, although the author gave a fairly balanced opinion, if he's got the full game, why is it not a review rather than a preview? If its because its not the final code why would the studio hand it out?

jaysquared3859d ago

Sweet! So its twice as long as MGS4 if you go through it without the cut scene.. 3 times as long as Heavenly Sword, Lair, Motorstorm, Uncharted which were games that were 3-4 hours long! And all of this on one DVD? Did we really need blu ray Sony? Or were you just using that as an excuse to win the Next Gen DVD wars?

lessthanmarcus3859d ago

What's that? like 3 MGS4 cutscenes? Doesn't really matter though. It's going to be a mediocre non-exlusive

TheForgotten0ne3859d ago

Don't be stupid!

None of the games you mentioned are RPG's. RPG's are supposed to be long. The story and long dungeons and so on.

So as I said, don't be stupid!

Palodios3859d ago

Maybe we're playing a different game, but my first playthrough of Metal Gear Solid took 25 hours. a Big Boss runthrough takes about 5, but the majority of people playing won't be able to do that the first time through.

Silver3603859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

of Rpg's, action and dungeon crawlers. Silicon Knights said it was a genre of it's own. When did Dennis Dyack ever say it was and RPG? The game that it was compared most with is Diablo.

Acidicpack3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

10 hours or not I still think that this game will be a blast to play co op with 3 friends. Which is is the only reason that I am going to buy it in the first place.

Also this is just a review by one person as with all other games I will make my own conclusion about this game. Like all others I have bought or rented. Its still a day one buy for me just knowing it will have 4 player co op


3859d ago
jaysquared3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

"None of the games you mentioned are RPG's. RPG's are supposed to be long. The story and long dungeons and so on."

And games are supposed to be played not watched! Hmm.. wonder what game has 5 hours of gameplay and 15 hours of cut scenes?

daous3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

You DO realize that every Metal Gear Solid game can be beat in less than 5 hours IF YOU'VE MASTERED the entire game and all the enemy movement patterns, as well as played through the game several times to determine where the shortcuts are? Typical gamers take at least 12 hours to complete a Metal Gear Solid game in their first playthrough (it took me 15 hours for MGS1 and 17 hours for MGS2. I haven't played MGS3 nor MGS4 yet). Same thing can be said about the whole Resident Evil series (where some people have beaten the game in less than 2 hours in some iterations).

Also, the whole "short gameplay vs. long cutscenes" has been synonymous with the ENTIRE Metal Gear Solid series. So stop trying to make it seem like MGS4 is the only one in that series. Kojima intentionally made long cut scenes in order to flesh out the story for all his games, especially in part 4 in order to close any loose ends and plotholes. He KNOWS. ANY gamer who has paid attention to any Metal Gear Solid related news for the past games know about this. This is not new, and arguing this for MGS4 shows how uninformed and ignorant you are of previous games in the series.

And btw, MGS4 is definitely not 15 hours cut scenes and 5 hours gameplay. That's fanboy talk and completely false.

Regarding the actual game for this article, Too Human has been in development for an INCREDIBLY long time, originally planned for the PS1, then moved to the Gamecube, then the Xbox, and finally the Xbox360. That's definitely over 10 years buddy, considering they ANNOUNCED THE GAME BACK IN 1998! By the time they went to the original Xbox, they definitely should've had the story completed, the character designs completed, the enemies completed, the settings/maps completed, etc. The only thing they would've had to do is enhance the visuals and maybe revise the game's story script to lengthen the game more.

10 hours = fail, because Too Human is planned to be a trilogy, and 10 hours per game is a RIP-OFF to anyone who purchases it at full price. Who the heck would pay for three 10-hour games at $59.99 CDN EACH when they can play a single 30 hour game at $59.99 CDN to finish that story? Especially a game over 10 years in develop. The same thing happened to Xenosaga Episode II (which was also ten hours long and an RPG), and sales plummeted for part III.

Even if Too Human's gameplay turns out to be extremely good, 10 hours of gameplay doesn't justify for a game which was planned as a trilogy 3 years ago (back in 2005). Even Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (which is also a planned trilogy) had me clocking in 24 hours on my first playthrough (with a player's guide too to speed things up!).

I was originally interested in this game during its development on Gamecube, but after so many inexcusable delays, I'm skeptical it'll turn out as ambitiously great as the Silicon Knights originally wanted it to be. Hopefully this doesn't follow the way of the Xenosaga series, but I'm not exactly optimistic anymore.

Daxx3858d ago

You people are so quick to judge games. It's almost humorous how quick you all react to something that you consider negative.

Life is too short for this type of worry and angst for something that in the grand scheme of things doesn't really matter. 10 hours is fine. It's a hack n slash with rpg elements.


jaysquared3858d ago

"10 hours = fail, because Too Human is planned to be a trilogy, and 10 hours per game is a RIP-OFF to anyone who purchases it at full price. Who the heck would pay for three 10-hour games at $59.99 CDN EACH when they can play a single 30 hour game at $59.99 CDN to finish that story? Especially a game over 10 years in develop. "

You know whats a bigger rip off a 3-5 hour game like Lair, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm.. The PS3 itself is a rip off if you bought when it first came out.. Not even a year later you could've gotten $200 cheaper.. Now thats a rip off!

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Condoleezza Rice3859d ago

I'm afraid this is what most of us anticipated would happen,people will either love it;Or hate it.

Kinda like when Haze released.

Acidicpack3859d ago

I remember a game called FABLE that was short in play time but was a blast to play. It to was a RPG. don't judge game TILL YOU HAVE PLAYED IT !!


Rims3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )


Megaton3859d ago

Yeah... by RPG standards that's inexcusable.

dachiefsman3859d ago

yea thats short but you supposed to be able to go back and play through for even better gear right?

Mozilla893859d ago

I dont know about the rest of you but once I beat an RPG I dont stick around for long. Whats the point of beating a game and going through it and getting all the cool stuff after beating it. All it does is make it easier to do what you already did.

Basically I'm not playing an RPG with lets say Weapon A and then replay it just so I can beat it with Weapon B. But then again thats just me.

Transporter473859d ago

well see the thing about this rpg types, which are like Baldurs gate and like diablo, are that even though you beat the game, you can come back on a harder difficulty with new gear and the game will still be fun, but this game i doubt it has that sorta of stuff implemented

Mozilla893859d ago

I guess it would still be fun, but I havent played RPG's like the ones you mentioned. I've really only played console RPG's like Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, and FF. The main draw to me for an RPG is the epic story so once I finish the story I prefer to move on,to something else.
So for me 60 bucks for a game I'll oly be playing for 13-15 hours isn't really worth it. I'd rather just rent it beat it and give it back.

Palodios3859d ago

Well, games like Baldurs Gate and Oblivion... they both can take anywhere as much as 100-200+ hours per playthrough. That's what makes them much replayable.

ChampIDC3858d ago

Diablo 2 wasn't all that long but people loved it. Why is that? Because there's more leveling to do after you finish it and more loot to grind for. That's going to be the longevity of this game, and it's why he says it's not for everyone.

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Deadman643859d ago

Wow this game will get zero sales. Good thing I was not purchasing it.

ISA_Scum3859d ago

All I know about this game is this opening:

And man does that suck!

ikiru33853859d ago

aw man. i was looking to this game. oh well. but they did say that it will be part of a trilogy.

rucky3859d ago

That's not good. I would imagine since they're planning to make it a trilogy that you could use your old save file to load your character's level and equipments onto the next one. Otherwise that would be plain retarded

mintaro3859d ago

Thankfully you can, they said you would be able to transfer your character into any part of the trilogy

incogneato3859d ago

I feel bad for anyone that buys the whole trilogy. That's like $200 for 30 hours of gaming with no replay value.

ikiru33853859d ago

yeah, kind of like what they're doing in Mass Effect 2, right? Sounds like this game is a rental, but if I am mightily impressed I will purchase it.

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