PlayStation Network 2.4 update 'Walkthrough'

Gamevideos.com checks out all the new features coming with the PlayStation Network 2.4 firmware update.

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Ri0tSquad5570d ago (Edited 5570d ago )

Burnout Paradise has all these features besides trophies & checking downloads.

But this video really answers a lot questions.

If this is Eric Lempel's video (under trophy collection it says Eric) then at 0:32 he says "no in-game voice messages available at this time". Sounds like a possibility we'll get it later.

I wonder what games will support custom soundtracks besides PixelJunk Monsters Encore.

wolfehound225570d ago

I thought I read earlier that all games would support custom soundtracks. But I am at work so I haven't seen any of the videos, so I'm taking this off of something someone else said.

Shadow Flare5570d ago

yeah, pretty sure all games support it. From what i gather, you have to turn the music off in the game yourself, then go to xmb and play your own music. Although the most recent games will probably manage it so you don't have to turn the game music off yourself

aaquib55570d ago

The "majority" of games support it according to Eric Lempell.

Apocwhen5570d ago

According to IGN that game needs to support it.

This is their quote:
"Note that this ability has to be added to a game to enable it, so it won't work with existing stuff unless the games are patched, but it's an option that will likely hit many upcoming titles."

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scottmichael5570d ago

you see "start new voice chat" faded out when he goes to his friend,

hopefully that will come in a later update, but still this rocks :D

hotshot1275570d ago

all games support custom soundtracks. i wouldnt even call it so much of a each indivisual game having it. its more of a system fuctionality that allows you to play your music at any time and that just happens to work when you play games.

what you might have got confused with though is the fact that not all games will have trophy support yet.

DaddyDC6505570d ago (Edited 5570d ago )

Firmware 2.4 along with the final release of HOME should make Xbox Live seem like a total joke @ 50 bucks a year.

For the Sony PS3 haters that disagree. Sorry if you dont' like the truth. Why don't you invest in a PS3 instead of hating on it? If you can't beat them, join them!

Shadow Flare5570d ago


-in-game xmb
-custom soundtracks
-in-game messaging
-Video Store (coming soon)
-PlayStation Home


How does Xbox Live (the "king" of online) top that...

hmmm...well, uh..

-Share games with racist bigots
-Listen to stupid children singing
-"Host has ended game"
-16 player max rooms
-Host Advantage
-Peer 2 Peer Networking
-$50 please

Jack Meahoffer5570d ago

Or when you're waiting a week for a patch to make huge AAA multiplatform games work online like TF2, R6V2, COD4 and GTA IV.

Once PSN matches the features of XBL then I'll agree that I'll personally question paying $1 a week for XBL but until then shut you pie holes. You console STILL doesn't match features and $1 a week is peanuts so I'll keep paying until there is a FREE alternative. Right now there isn't.

The Wood5570d ago


that did honestly suck hard so ill give you that. I blame konami for that 1. They did the same thing on PES but you have to admit that that 50$ a year is looking less worth it now. Lets see how MS reacts. I hope they add feature as apposed to whipping up the media to downplay psn and big up themselves.

5570d ago
Jack Meahoffer5570d ago

First of all the only reason you don't have to listen to kids singing and racists on PSN is because 2 out of 10 people have mics. Once more people are on PSN and more people have mics it'll be the same if not worse on PSN.

Second PSN doesn't match features. You don't have to pay to use REAL universal in game voice chat on XBL. Also the voice store isn't out yet so you don't know how well its going to work.

Why is it so terrible for me to speak the truth? I have both consoles and enjoy them both. Sorry I don't blindly ignore the problems on PSN like you one console owning brand worshipers do.

I've said many times I'd rather not pay for XBL. I'm complained many times about the 360 other problems like RROD. However until the free PSN can MATCH all the features of XBL paying $1 a week isn't going to be a big issue until there is a FREE alternative. Currently there isn't. Why not wait to bash XBL till your 18 month old console finally has the basic features its competitor had back in 2005. Answer is you don't care about discussion you care about blindly praising your console because you want to be on the winning team more than playing games.

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DaddyDC6505570d ago (Edited 5570d ago )

Tell me when Microsoft starts to provide dedicated servers for its Live members instead of relying on its own members to be the hosts.

Bladestar5570d ago (Edited 5570d ago )

"P2P online servers" do you know what you just say... obviously you have no idea what P2P means... LOL.. Something tells me you may be a sony leg humper... you know... those that speak of the things they do not even understand... you may need to do a little research about P2P Servers... because you are not making sense...

ohh and dedicated servers are a choice by developers... I can name a few... EA uses dedicated servers... some of the servers fuels of wars... Final fantasy XI is dedicated servers...

The Wood5570d ago

but the fact remains the same. XBL is becoming less worth it with every ps update. I wonder if they'll lower the price and at least all first party games have sony footing the bandwidth. You know what hes on about blade

wetowel5570d ago

He obviously meant to say that Sony provides a superior service with things like dedicated servers which to the consumer is free compared to xbox live which you must pay for a service where MS is barely involved in and the gamer must host the game at his/her own expense.

Bladestar5570d ago

@wetowel - "Sony provides a superior service with things like dedicated servers" ohh wow.. you are a) miss informed or b) very ignorant.... I say a to give you the benefit of the doubt.... Sony does not provide crap... and in some instances they do not even provide a unified login server... (Metal Gear) where you can't even use your PSN id to login... each developer on PSN must provide their on servers... which is also a choice that developers have on xbox live... now.. the fact that developers on xbox live have a platform that they can use to connect gamers using P2P... (which works well in many games) guarantee that the games will be supported even after the company no longer thinks they are worth hosting...

take at look at xbox 1 games... I can still play them online... can you name a PS2 game that let you do that? 1-2 years from now most games on the PS3 will not be playable online.. since developers will not host games they are not making money on... how is that superior? also, do you need host servers for Uno? or games that do not have a bunch of players?

Also, P2P games disadvantage is on the host end.. for the fact that they may not have lots of upstream bandwidth.. as internet connection gets larger.. this will not be a problem... if any of you knew any better.. you would know that the benefit of a host servers are their large upstream pipes.... I currently have 5mb upstream and 25 downstream... games I host never lag... as ISP increase the upstream P2P becomes more and more viable... as the need for dedicated hosting for "GAME SESSIONS" would become a little less relevant...

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