SimCity Orriginally Planned To Launch On Wii U

Liam Robbertson from Unseen64 has stated on twitter that EA is rumored to have been working on a SimCity for the Wii U but it ended up as a cancelled game.

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N4g_null3369d ago

Man my wiiu library is looking sweet. Thanks for saving us from the death of simcity! EA are such swell chaps! I wonder what new forkery 3rd parties has planned.


7 Times Games Forced Us Online (Against Our Will)

Some games force online-only measures onto people. It sucks! Especially when some titles, like these seven, 100% didn't need it.

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shauzy1755d ago

i dont even know what to gain from this

meep3161755d ago

publishers gain control by forcing you online.

shauzy1754d ago

i meant what to gain from this knowledge, this list, whats the point of it why make it why should i know these games, sure yeah i do recall some games needing me to be online even to play single player but, why should i know this "seven times" thing

Xavi4K1755d ago

I don’t care I cannot recall the last time I didn’t have internet connection

PiNkFaIrYbOi1755d ago

You are either sort of young or very old and have memory issues.

Besides the internet can go down for various reasons.

Lord_Sloth1755d ago

Lookit me, I can't even type 7 paragraphs on a single page! Give me clicks!!!

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The Secret History of Mac Gaming: How SimCity led to Seaman

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 5 of The Secret History of Mac Gaming, “Simulated.”

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Top 7 Videogame Franchises EA Have Ruined Over The Years

EA has something of a reputation when it comes to awkwardly handling much-loved franchises. Here are 7 that Screen Critics feel they ruined.

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lptmg2373d ago

Need for Speed as well. Here's to hope that the new one will be a return to form for the franchise.

Gaming1012373d ago

Dead Space was the worst ruining... micro transactions in a full price game, with co op that was mandatory to get all the story and access to certain areas. Sure Rock Band was oversaturated, and Burnout was basically killed off even though it sold a ton on PS3 back in the day.

indysurfn2373d ago

Wow kudos EA! no one can kill a franchisee like you can kill a franchises.

lptmg2372d ago

Sadly, Rock Band died because of Activision shoving one Guitar Hero every 3 months

OldSchoolGamer692373d ago

Madden Football 2006-2018 2018-?

showtimefolks2373d ago

I want mercenaries 1 remaster

chrono12052373d ago

Or a reboot, with all the fun of the first one.

showtimefolks2372d ago

i agree i had a great time with the 1st game and a good time with the sequel

PhoenixUp2373d ago

Dead Space, NBA Live, & Rock Band

indysurfn2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

I really liked Burnout and Need for speed and thought no one will able to destroy this game.....I was WRONG!