WipEout: The rise and fall of Sony Studio Liverpool

"Every Sunday, we bring you an article from our archive - and this week, to celebrate the original PlayStation's 20th birthday, we present the story of the studio behind one of the console's most iconic games.

In Hackers, the 1995 cult teen cyber thriller, a young Angelina Jolie and an American-accented Jonny Lee Miller play WipEout in a club. Established hacker Angelina is pretty good at the game, and has the top score. But then upstart hacker genius Jonny smashes it to bits. They hate each other. They love each other."

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radler1509d ago

One of the crown jewels of Sony's first party lineup before Shuhei foolishly shut the studio down.

Just think how great it would have been to have a Wipeout game from PlayStation's premier racing developer for the launch of the PS4. Instead the whole studio was shut down and priority was given to Evolution Studios, which brought us that mess called DriveClub over a year late.

RIP Studio Liverpool. Hands-down some of the best talent that Sony had, putting out a stunningly gorgeous high-speed racer at 1080p/60fps only a couple of years into the PS3 lifecycle.

Bennibop1509d ago

Do agree it seemed a ridiculous decision to shut studio Liverpool they never released a bad game however I disagree with you about evolution studio. Evolution have also a good pedigree, driveclub is solid and will be built upon it is trying to do something different, the net code was the problem. If we are not careful there will be no studio Liverpool or evolution.

IRetrouk1509d ago

Im pretty sure i read somewhere that some of the liverpool staff was taken on by evo... we may yet see another wipeout.

nX1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

We really need another Wipeout, it's one of the best IP's Sony has :(

skwidd1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

What about Psygnosis? I want another Colony Wars! Its the perfect timing too because space shooters and sci fi is so back in again and the graphics would be incredible!

EDIT: Oh wait, is Psygnosis and Studio Liverpool the same thing?? Just saw Psygnosis in the intro of the video. They made amazing games! I loved G-Police adn they had an F-1 racer at some point too

fr0sty1509d ago

They were foolish to shut them down, as now most of them have formed their own studio and are making a game very similar to Wipeout that will be multiplatform. Sony lost a jewel of an exclusive with that stunt.

3-4-51508d ago

Actually just bought Wipeout 2048 for Vita at Gamestop for like $7 the other day.

I like it a lot so far.

Just bought the HD+Fury 24 track Bundle DLC as well so I still need to experience all those tracks.

Only other Wipeout game I played was Pure for PSP which was amazing, so I'm hoping some of the HD+Fury tracks are close to those.

* They are making a new Wipeout type of game though so there is a spiritual successor on the way I think for 2015 on PC or maybe other platforms. Looks cool, but I forgot the name of the game.

Anyways, solid series, hope to see it continue via this other franchise.

lfc_4eva1509d ago

For me, I'll always remember them for their Amiga 500 days.

Shadow of the Beast!

hiredhelp1509d ago

Awww yeh now your talking and c64

lfc_4eva1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

@hiredhelp and @Whyowhy

Here's a link I've just found about some of their old games. Some I didn't even realise were theirs. Maybe they were just the publisher for some of them.

Wish I had more bubbles to reminisce about the old gaming days :-)

Why o why1509d ago


Amiga and atari owner......fond memories

hiredhelp1509d ago

I have PM you a link you find very satisfying

4theplayers1509d ago

And the rebirth as a Firesprite.

Bennibop1509d ago

Who are apparently working on a ps exclusive.

MacUser19861509d ago

Why no mention of the N64 title I wonder?

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