Another Perk & The First Ever Fallout 3 Cheat Code?

Kotaku writes: "Recently I posted about some perks I saw during Pete Hines' Fallout 3 demo last Monday. Going through my notes, I realised I missed one! Called Strong Back, it allows you to carry an extra 100 pounds of equipment. Again, it's an oldie from the previous games, altered to suit the mechanics of the new title."

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Relcom3766d ago

Thats one from the old ones(the one i never used)

MK_Red3766d ago

Yeah, it was rather useless, specially when you got the Highwayman. Wasn't it called Rat Pack or was it something else?

MK_Red3766d ago

Bloody Mess is a perk now!? WTF?

Captain Tuttle3766d ago

Hopefully they meant "Trait".

MK_Red3766d ago

Sadly, the Kotatku mentions that Bloody Mess was a trait in F3 too but Bethesda decided to make it a perk :(

After seeing Diablo 3 in all of its isometric glory, I've kinda lost interest in Fallout 3 :(
Damn you Bethesda, damn you.

Captain Tuttle3766d ago

I winced when I saw that D3 was going to be isometric. Maybe Fallout 4?

Shankle3766d ago

Shame on you MK! Don't give up hope so easily!

MK_Red3766d ago

Indeed maybe Fallout 4...

Shankle, thanks my friend but after seeing Diablo 3 in all of it's Isometric glory, I just lost it. I'll return to normal soon but right now, I'm seeing a isometric Diablo 3 as it should be and a NOT isometric Fallout 3 as it should NOT be...
Still, you are right. I should not give up hope so easily. Thanks again :)

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