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"If you’ve seen the E3 gameplay demo, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The game was marketed as a hide n’ seek horror game akin to Outlast or Alien: Isolation, with a vulnerable main character needing to hide and avoid a hulking chainsaw-wielding monstrosity or else face a brutal chainsaw colonoscopy."

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memnoch_873111d ago

I just put up my article saying the exact opposite. Always nice to read from people who disagree.

mikeslemonade3111d ago

What criteria? Life to date or Direct Comparison? With a direct comparison it could be the best survivor horro game because it's the most current with the latest features, graphics, and mechanics.

With a life to date comparison it's not even close though.. It's not even that good of a game.

dreamed3111d ago

Agreed this game is just run n gun shite with sod all ammo....most frustrating goty imo.

Dont get me wrong i love survival horror....but this game isnt that imo.

jaybin3111d ago

Ha, nice man. I'll give it a look. I'd bet we agree on more than we disagree

Gazondaily3111d ago

I doubt it if he's saying the exact opposite to you lol. Still, good to get a healthy discussion going.

memnoch_873110d ago

We don't :P

But that's fine too!

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi3111d ago

This game has a horror atmosphere but there was nothing scary after a while. Play some Outlast, Daylight, Amnesia, FEAR, Silent HIll if you want horror

PoSTedUP3111d ago

fear 2 had me in the corner of the room in the game, petrified, afraid to move. alone, lights off, volume up. no game has ever done that for me. but maybe RE1/2 back in the day on a different level of scared..

Ninver3111d ago

Dude we need another fear game asap!

vishmarx3111d ago

Outlast, Daylight, Amnesia are boring as hell to play
which makes their scare factor irrelevant to me

dreamed3111d ago

Obviously your not a horror fan then?

opoikl3111d ago

I didn't even finish Outlast because it got under my skin too much. The scariest I've ever been was playing P.T. There's a moment where Lisa starts panting if you approach the bathroom that really got to me. I was wearing a surround sound headphone playing in the dark and it actually sounded like she was constantly breathing down my neck, no matter which direction I turned. Incredibly well done.

I'll give Fear a try - my brother always told me that the bullet impact was second to none in that game, what I didn't realize was that the game was also scary. Thanks for the tip!

GetSomeLoGiK3110d ago

I feel like a lot people misunderstood these kind of games. It's not horror like jump scares just the atmosphere is horror like you said, this game to its core (exactly like RE since it is made by the same person) is tense horror in terms of scrambling situation which is what Resident Evil is. People who are are expecting jump scares will be dissapointed. RE was never scary, it just got tense as fuck due to all the scramble situations you are in i.e. Should I waste my bullets? Should I run? Should I use a med kit? Should I spend points in this category? Etc.

skwidd3103d ago

Great description! To me, that's what's scary. I played Fear and it was just boring to me. Not sure exactly why. But I love the art direction in EW and the sense of tension that keeps driving it because of the situation it presents is incredible. Not a fan of jump scares (they don't scare me and they feel cheap). I like building on atmosphere and holding the tension. I play EW very slow and carefully, best way to enjoy it. If you're running through the levels I can't see how that would be enjoyable. I guess at the end the game isn't for everyone.

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jaybin3111d ago

I love most of those games, but surely you aren't saying Daylight is better than.....well, frankly even sitting in a dark room.

I'm the most impartial to Silent Hill and Outlast myself.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi3111d ago

Daylight might have been a crappy game, but it was very scary to me. Those ghost women popped out of no where

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