1UP Yours - 6/27/08

1UP's podcast producer Andrew "Skip" Pfister writes, "It was fun and harrowing hosting 1UP Yours last week, but I was definitely glad to have Garnett back in the driver's seat for today's show. He and Shane have been away on various assignments, but they've brought back the goods. Shawn and Philip are here again for an all-you-can-eat buffet, OCB style, with impressions of Guitar Hero: World Tour's impressive music creation system, Call of Duty's return to the Pacific Theater (complete with a brief history debate), the less-than-impressive Alone in the Dark, the recent Games For Windows morale meeting (with Ghostbusters!), and way too much more to be writing about here. Metal Gear Solid 4 spoilers abound at the end of the first segment, so listen with care.

And finally, finally, Shane talks about Killzone 2 -- which just happens to be EGM's new cover story."

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