Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of June 29th

US Games

* Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
* Hail to the Chimp

EU Games

* Buzz! Quiz TV (also available with buzzers)
* Ferrari Challenge
* Wall-E

Asian Games

* Initial D Extreme Stage

Release dates are constantly subject to change, so make sure you check with your local retailer if you're worried.

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MaximusPrime5574d ago

Ferrari Challenge and Buzz! interest me.

I admitted that i enjoyed playing Buzz!Jungle.

Close_Second5574d ago

...Buzz controllers are what make it for me. Having kids you soon find out just how cumbersome wired buzz controllers are.

resistance1005574d ago

Buzz and Ferrari Challenge are my 2 purchases this week


Disney/Pixar’s Wall*E - A Refreshing Use of a License

Licensed games are all rubbish, right? Well, THQ's take on Disney/Pixar’s Wall*E would like to argue that point.

gamerz77d ago

Took me a min to figure out this is a review of a 2008 game. I love Wall*E and this looks interesting so added it to my Steam wishlist. Thanks!


Sony PlayStation Should Reintroduce Buzz! On The PS5

Buzz! Games had a time when they took over the gaming world. They were amongst the most popular PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. It only makes sense for them to return on the PS5.

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SullysCigar259d ago

Omg this! My family play Knowledge is Power to fill the void as we wait for a new generation of Buzz.

Awesome fun at Christmas with the family or with your mates when the drinks are flowing.

jznrpg259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

Is it sad I never even heard of this or just don’t remember it at all ? Not the type of game I would play generally so I know nothing about it . I would check it out if it’s fun with the fam . I have owned every PS ever made including the Go that I gave to my son . Just don’t remember this

MightyHealthy259d ago

I vaguely remember it myself.
Not sure why your honesty was downvoted I threw u an upvote

SonyStyled259d ago

There was a f2p version on the PS3 store (might still be there) and a version of it in PS Home. That’s my only experience with it but it seemed like a party/trivia game. Not sure what the full titles were like

FinalFantasyFanatic258d ago

I saw it advertised everywhere but never played it, didn't seem like my type of game.

Profchaos259d ago

Yes buzz was the greatest party game back in the day.

And in today's world everyone has a potential buzzer in their pocket with the app integration similar to knowledge is power and no more tangled cables.

The Wood259d ago

I still have my buzz controllers. Good party game

SullysCigar258d ago

I still have the original buzz controllers.... AND the revised wireless ones!

I know...but we really loved it back in the day.. lol

refocusedman259d ago

I would love another buzz game. it was family friendly, funny, entertaining, and easy to learn/play so supper accessible.

mastershredder259d ago

Popular when? It was not popular back then at all except outside the stares for some reason. It was gimmicky as f when everyone thought they were so clever making game-show like games. but with puppet people… yuck.

You wanna gameshow game? Smash TV. Done. Move on.

andy85259d ago

I'd consider sales of over 10 million pretty popular. I know a few people who had (and still have them) fun with a few drinks.

Deeeeznuuuts259d ago

Love playing it with a few drinks, can't beat it, oh and singstar of course 🤣🤣🤣

Profchaos259d ago

Yeah the world is much bigger than the states in Europe, ociana it was very popular with all sorts of people's from non gamers to gamers.

Smash tv never heard of it.

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A Look Back at Disney Games on PlayStation Handhelds

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "There are few brands out there that have anything like the appeal and recognition of Disney. Thanks to decades of beautiful and critically acclaimed animated films, the company is a household name that has expanded beyond just movies to include a variety of other ventures, including videogames. Disney has also grown its lineup considerably in recent years by acquiring Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars (although for the purposes of this article, I’ll only be covering Disney/Pixar output).

Thanks to their broad audience, Disney games usually show up on every viable platform out there, meaning that despite the brand’s affinity with Nintendo’s younger-skewing audience, both the PSP and Vita received a number of titles throughout their lives. Some of this was through Disney's own developer/publisher (Disney Interactive Studios), but the firm also licensed out its IPs for other companies to try their hand at – with somewhat mixed results."

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