DayZ 2015 Development Roadmap, Price Increase

In a recent post to the DayZ Steam Store page, Developer Hicks made public the team’s plans moving forward after their first year of Early Access development. In addition to new features and revisions to the current engine and gameplay, Bohemia Interactive also looks to gradually increase the price point as they approach version 1.0. Hicks did mention that the currently price of $24.99 USD will remain in effect throughout the Fall Steam Sale, however after the event, entry into the world of Chenarus will cost $29.99.

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caution42059d ago

So it looks like $5 increase a qtr then...let's see if they keep the pace

staticjoe2059d ago

I totally agree. Wasn't it supposed to be done a year ago?

k3rn3ll2059d ago

I don't think they ever gave a final date or time frame

Whistletock2058d ago

They originally mentioned having a playable beta by the end of 2012 around the time WarZ / Infestation: Survivor Stories came out. Early access started Dec 2013 a year later... so yeah, about a year behind.

kefkah2059d ago

I like it when developers actually have a plan and post it for its fanbase. The game has a lot of potential but still needs some polish.

staticjoe2059d ago

True, it helps, but how much does it lead to disappointment?

kefkah2059d ago

There is always disappointment in development (see the Arkham Knight delay for details) but still it shows a path and priorities. Something that seems to be missing from a good bit of Steam Greenlight projects nowadays.

Whistletock2059d ago

Yeah, stability is key in my book... even though it's Early Access, there's been some really poor pushes from the experimental branch to "stable" that has made it unplayable.

xseven2059d ago

They added a TON of devs a few months back (I assume it's because ARMA 3 DayZ mods were almost performing better)

Echel0n2059d ago

Still waiting for the official release on this...I like the footage I've seen but will be content to buy a finished product.

kefkah2059d ago

Yeah, that HUGE warning on the Steam Page kind of makes people think twice if they are looking for a finished project.

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