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TheJacksonRGN2052d ago

Taking this with a grain of salt. Are there any issues with the season pass going on? They could have taken them down to fix an error, or the disappearance could be the result of an error.

Gaming1012051d ago

I know right?
lol but really, this is because support for the game is going to cause Ubisoft to lose money, since so few people bought AC:U. It was poorly optimized on every console, and there's just too much competition from other better optimized games this holiday season that anything extra should quite frankly be free.

antz11042051d ago

Good on them though. They really did the best thing a dev can do to say sorry.

jony_dols2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Picked up AC Unity Gold Edition on the Hong Kong PSN last night, after it had already been taken down from EU PSN, for €55.

AC Unity, all the future DLC & Far Cry 4. Saved around €120 on the normal digital pricing!

Genuine-User2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

It's confirmed. http://assassinscreed.ubi.c...

Regardless of all the deserved hate Ubi has got in the past few weeks, this apology is unprecedented.

"To show our appreciation for your continued support, we’re making the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead Kings DLC free for everyone. For Season Pass holders, we will also offer the choice of one additional game from a selection of Ubisoft titles for free."

The Crew
Far Cry 4
Watch Dogs
Assassin’s Creed Black Flag
Rayman Legends
Just Dance 2015

TheJacksonRGN2052d ago

I knoW, I saw. Thanks though.

Concertoine2052d ago

Far Cry 4 for free?! can't beat that.

Back-to-Back2052d ago

Now I am pissed I didnt buy AC:U at launch lol. B1G1 free.

Gigglefist2052d ago

Just the fact that they put Far Cry 4 on there makes me want to give them at least a little more respect.

Testfire2052d ago

Ubisoft credibility +15. I hope this sets a precedence in how f ups are handled by publishers.

skwidd2052d ago

Yea, they've went over and beyond to address the issues and show their apology. That's admirable. To be clear, it is admirable to own to your mistake and take steps to rectify it at their expense. Good stuff and a good start to rebuilding the damage caused to Ubi's name.

BeefCurtains2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Just my opinion, but they screwed up a number of times... Had it not finally gotten severe gamer lash back, they wouldn't be offering anything. It finally hurt them financially enough that they "feel bad" for releasing broken games, so I'm taking this apology with a grain of salt.

The underlying issue is releasing broken games, how about we fix that while we are all being sorry? And for me, no, they haven't earned an ounce of extra credibility. Say what you're going to do, and do what say. If not, I don't have time for you...

pwnsause_returns2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

nice to see Ubisoft actually having a conscience here.

hopefully this means good things with the division, take your damn time with that game and dont F*** it up.

kryteris2051d ago

that is a sweet deal, 1 premium title & 1 dlc.

Cream2051d ago

that's how you do it.
take note 343

badz1492051d ago

but but but...according to some people over here, ACU is not broken and the issues are way overblown! yeah...right!

even Ubi is giving up on it, THAT's how broken it is. but giving away free games as compensation for Season pass is just like store credits though. it's an action that says, "we are wrong but we still want to keep your money. so please take any of these "unbroken" games for your money!"

The Crew - the beta alone screams "DON'T BUY ME!". the generic story with overused plot and most importantly, the terrible, TERRIBLE car handling and physics made me want to puke!

FC4 - no comment.

WD - overhyped and for those wanting to play it, they have it already.

ACBF - AC fan most probably have this already too. the only logical reason people even by ACU is because AC4 was decent/good.

RL - great game but didn't sell too well although available on so many platforms because it's apparent that not many are fans of side scrollers anymore.

JD2015 - SMH!

open up your eyes people, there's nothing about any reputation or respect or conscience being redeemed here by Ubi. they f*cked up and they are taking your rights for a refund!

A2X_2051d ago

Hell yeah, Just Dance 2015 for free.

Perjoss2051d ago

"nice to see Ubisoft actually having a conscience here."

Once a company reaches a certain size everything they do is aimed towards financial gain, no matter how much they try and dress it up to look like a good will gesture, a gift or a 'great deal'.

A2X_2051d ago

Should've mentioned I was sarcastic about just dance.

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NuggetsOfGod2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

F ubi. I fear for the devision.

mmcglasson2052d ago

Ubisoft makes The Division?? dammit...

Either way this is very generous of them.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2051d ago

The Division isn't developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

bomajed2052d ago

Finally ubisoft doing something right this year, I hope they can continue this way

madworld2051d ago

for people who doesn't know why that happened just look to this poor guy how he struggling to finish the game he is a true fan and Ubisoft must respect thoes gamers>>

Jonny5isalive2051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

why not believe it? It was kinda not received well and probably didnt sell that much considering its only on next gen consoles and not the old ones. They probably didnt want to bother making that much DLC for the game when they dont have a guarantee of easy money.

r1sh122051d ago

the title is wrong.
THe first DLC is free for everyone, anyone with a season pass gets another Ubi game for free..
They have a small selection of recent games including far cry.

Its a good gesture, but they should address games launching buggy

Hereiamhereibe22051d ago

Probably just the easiest way to reimburs people for the first DLC

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Relientk772052d ago

Hopefully we all get free DLC for the game

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2052d ago

What happened was that Ubisoft accidentally charged too little. They meant for the season pass to be $69.99

CorndogBurglar2052d ago

lol Even more than the actual game.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2052d ago

Yeah, they really felt their glitches were of a quality level that they could charge for them as features.

I guess some people can't take a joke? Dem Disagrees. lol

CorndogBurglar2051d ago

Meh, its N4G man, people take my comments seriously all the time even though I think they look totally ridiculous and sarcastic.

ion532051d ago

Disagrees, because it's a shit joke