New Arkham Knight Trailer Breakdown

A new gameplay trailer has surfaced for Rocksteady’s eagerly anticipated conclusion to their Arkham trilogy, Batman Arkham Knight, and it looks nothing sort of incredible. Check out the trailer here.

Within the trailer are a multitude of new details regarding what we can expect when we finally get our hands on Arkham Knight. First of all, this new trailer just reiterates the fact that the game looks stunning, the lighting, fidelity and particle effects truly look next-generation. The fluidity and seamlessness is very much on show in the trailer, getting though vents is much quicker as we’ve previously seen and the transition for vehicle combat to the Arkham gameplay we know is impressively instantaneous.

The biggest thing we can take away from this new trailer is how cinematic the game looks, the camera angles in combat move around and are focused much more on those critical finishing moves you can use against your foes. In terms of the foes, it seems Rocksteady has taken something from WB Montreal’s Arkham Origins in the form of the martial artist enemy type, which we see Batman encounter toward the trailer end, again showcasing the cinematic feel the combat has now employed.

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