"Alien: Isolation" Destroys A Marriage

The story of how "Alien: Isolation" threatens to destroy Affinity's marriage.

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N4GDgAPc2054d ago

That was actually pretty funny.

Kingdomcome2472054d ago

Yeah, I laughed at the Iphone tracker.

SniperControl2054d ago

Lol, that's pretty good.

Exactly the same reaction i had playing Alien but with oculus rift.

N4GDgAPc2054d ago

I bought alien isolation for the ps4 and got my platinum trophy for it. I just got oculus rifts not to long ago. I don't want to pay for the game again for $49.99 so going to wait till it goes down in price for steam and replay it with my oculus rift. I keep checking steam a lot to see if they have some random good sell for it.

Kingdomcome2472054d ago

@N4G- I accidentally killed a human in the beginning, and momentarily(like 5 minutes) turned the difficulty to normal on chapter 5 so I didn't 100% the game. I didn't want to play through it again for those. Great game, though.

ReconHope2054d ago

Not only was that the most boring and uninspired video ever , I'm reporting for not following submission guidelines and lameness.

N4GDgAPc2054d ago

I'm sorry u don't have much of a sense of humor and get offended easily because someone didn't follow rules.

Amuro2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

why some stories fail because you can't link directly to youtube but then there are times when they are approved? Don't people read the guidelines or did they change? And beside, this is not even news to begin with.

Snookies122054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Yeah, I don't get it... The only way a YouTube link story is acceptable is if it's upload by an industry professional. The channel that uploaded this would not be considered an industry professional channel.

N4GDgAPc2054d ago

So why does it have to be news and why do u care? It's a video related to a video game. I'm glad they posted it because it was entertaining and good video.

Akuma2K2054d ago

That vid is hilarious, good stuff.