Nintendo reveals a "Shocking" Secret about a Classic Character

Nintendo has revealed a secret about Toad.

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CorndogBurglar2055d ago

If they weren't gender specific, then why name them Toad and Toadette? Two names that would obviously differentiate one as a female.

andrewer2055d ago

Their...choice? Well what I know is that I won't try to pry any further hehe

Theparanerds2055d ago

“This is maybe a little bit of a strange story, but we never really went out of our way to decide on the sex of these characters, even though they have somewhat gendered appearances,” Hayashida reportedly stated.

Lionsguard2055d ago

I seriously thought Mario or Luigi was going to come out of the closet.

MasterCornholio2055d ago

I thought Nintendo was finally going to explain why Mario was an expert on toasters.

WeAreLegion2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

"You know what they say!

All toasters toast toast!"

No, Mario. Toasters toast bread.


SteamPowered2055d ago

Setting up for disappointment on this one. For the sensational title, there really isnt anything 'shocking' about toad whatsoever. I thought for sure he was the illegitimate child of Princess Peach and an acid trip.

PoSTedUP2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

A slow day at Nintendo Corp. i see.

in the movie Toad is a guy.

CorndogBurglar2055d ago

And we all know the movie follows the source material perfectly...

PoSTedUP2055d ago

eh, it was really close in my opinion. (if you commnt was sarcasm). at least they were plumbers ; )

Fullmetalevolust2055d ago

I think it's best if it's left at the gamer's interpretation, I am fine with Toad being genderless, or a boy, or whatever. After all, it's a mushroom creature. Nothing to see here folks! lol
Nights into dreams' main character, Nights was genderless and as a child, I never pondered about what "it" was.

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