Gamestop: The truth from employees and consumers inside and out

We look into gamestops business practices and what the future may hold for consumers

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smoothdude2048d ago

Interesting article. I don't shop at Gamestop anymore, but it will be interesting to see how the increased competition affects the company. Pre-orders are a joke and digital sales are increasing in Volume, so I wonder what Gamestop will be doing in 5/10 years time.

freshslicepizza2047d ago

this is why they want to secure exclusive content and partner with the publishers. it is such a shady business because most of their revenue stream is from used games. this is why publishers are also pushing digital content. they get more revenue that way for their games.

the steam model shows how digital can work and also flourish. valve can offer free online gaming, great sales and excellent relations with both publishers and customers. you take out the need to push hardware and it creates a more direct relationship with publishers and customers. you dont get middle-men like gamestop involved. but lots of consumers still prefer physical conent because they feel they actually own what they buy and because of that gamestop will remain relevant but they definitely are trying to secure exclusive partnerships to make them more immune to a digital future.

lipton1012047d ago

Used games have a gigantic profit margin, hence the push for more trades / used game sales. They even allow returns on used game purchases <7days old. Shady? No. Shrewd? Very much so. I don't care either way. I'll buy used any day, if I don't like it I return it. U.S. gamers are not owed anything. Not special treatment from GameStop, nor anything else, including 'free' Destiny DLC. Deal with it.

DarthZoolu2047d ago

I work at gamestop in texas I'm about to quit, its a horrible place and we are forced to lie daily. My district manager made me trick a customer into buying a new ps3 when he could have gotten his fixed for $50 (disc drive)

freshslicepizza2046d ago

i couldnt work at a place where i have to push products that badly.

lipton1012047d ago

Beware of the evil corporation trying to rip your money from your cold, dead hands!!! /s
So they tightly manage their employees, condition them to ask for pre-orders and trades, and make most of their money via pre-owned games. No shit. The margin on a new game is virtually non-existent, no surprise. As far as what they'll be doing in 5 years time? More of the same I'd imagine, + mobile phones from cricket I guess. They have a strategy in place and they're executing. They need trades because of the now available trade options through target, toys-r-us and Walmart. What they CAN do is increase the trade values to encourage more business. Supply and demand appears to be on the side of gamers at the present moment, though I'd be truly surprised if trade values were raised on account of it. 2 weeks before Christmas, if they're in the same predicament, be prepared to sell sell sell!

JacketsNest1012047d ago

They already increased the trade values once.

3-4-52047d ago

Pre-orders are a joke ?

I pre-ordered the smash bundle and now I have a GC adapter.

Some people can't find them, therefore it was worth it to pre-order.

Obviously Pre-orders for the New Madden are worthless because they make a bajillion copies.

smoothdude2043d ago

Nintendo is kind of the exception. Look I pre-ordered Battlefield 4 and I got a broken game. I returned it, waited 2 months for it go to on sale (PC) for $20. After some time they fixed the game, but why waste my time and money when I could be playing something that works.

I say Nintendo is the exception as they typically release quality games, however, I would not pre order one. As tempted as I was to pre order Mario Kart 8, I didn't, and I was still able to pick up a copy from any store that sold games. Smash Bros is the same, I see many copies on shelves no matter which store I walk into.

I just can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would preorder in today's age especially if worse comes to worse you can order a digital copy on Day 1.

TheDarkMage2048d ago

continuing to take customers money and take advantage of their situations needing gas money and what not

Dirtnapstor2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

If an individual is that hard up for cash, they shouldn't be investing their time & money in this type of leisure activity. Gaming is classified as a "want", not a "need".
Is it nice to have this type of outlet? Sure, gaming is fun and relaxing. But not at the expense of your livelihood. It's not Gamestops job to manage your money.

I'm not necessarily defending GS, just saying they are in business to make $$$, not support a gamers lifestyle.

Zichu2047d ago

We don't have Gamestop stores in the UK, we have GAME. It's pretty much the same deal though, I don't tend to buy stuff in there that often. They would always ask you if you want to pre-order anything, if you have a points card, if you didn't they would ask if you wanted to sign up, if you wanted warranty on games, consoles, etc.

The thing is, this isn't just exclusives to game stores. I go in clothes stores, it's the same deal, do you want to buy this reinforced shopping bag for £2, do you own a club card, points card, etc.

I actually remember going into Matalan and bought a memory foam pillow. I paid for it and the girl asks if I wanted to sign up for a club card. It's the first time I had ever bought anything in there and I wasn't really planning on going there again unless it was for another pillow. She really trying to convince me to sign up, it turned from asking nicely to sign up to begging. She was saying please sign up... Constantly declining, took my stuff and walked out.

JacketsNest1012047d ago

That's a bad employee who does not know when to stop.

Silber2047d ago

I hope Gamestop will die a painful Death.

Spotie2047d ago

I don't. They're one of the few outlets for used games left. Here in the US, any opened software is yours once you open it, so there's no returning a game you play and don't like; buying used is a way around that.

I haven't traded anything in a while, but I hear they've gone up on trade-in value, which is good: they really were shafting people with the value they gave. That said, there's a high markup on used games and systems because they have to make money somehow, since they make almost nothing on new games. Certainly not enough to stay in business. Whether you decide to trade in game X for Y money is up to the individual; I've always thought it was asinine for people to complain, honestly, since it's not as if you're forced to trade your games in.

And then, of course, there's all the people that work for the company. As much as I dislike GameStop, I don't like seeing anybody losing their jobs.

xx4xx2047d ago

Is this article really all that surprising or have new info?

If you don't like gamestop....don't shop there.

wiggles2047d ago

I agree, it's really not that hard.

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