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REVIEW: A modern classic gets a second chance on Steam? We look at Valkyria Chronicles

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Inception2285d ago

Still don't understand why a lot of people skip this amazing gem back in 2008. Personally i choose to play this rather than playing another CoD or Asscreed.

LAWSON722284d ago

People are different there really is not much to understand, I agree with you, but fact is both of those other games have a far broader appeal and established following. Sadly acclaimed IPs outshine niche hits, being a JP game not marketed to a western audience is why no one was playing this in 2008. People were playing the well marketed Fallout 3, GTaIV, and MGS4.

3-4-52284d ago

VC 1&2 are both pretty good so far.

Only in the very beginning of VC 1 & I've played like 8 hours of VC2.

Both hidden gems for sure.

* we get S.T.E.A.M. for 3DS in 2015 at least somebody is continuing the concept.