Thunderbolt reviews Aces of the Galaxy

Nick Akerman reports:

''You better belt up. It's time to exterminate the Skurgian race and destroy the unchallenged reign they hold over the great unknown: space. Even the darkest, most isolated corners of this star-sprinkled black canvas are prone to infestation from these dangerous defenders. Lurking within this bleak and uncharted mystery is an entire civilisation hell-bent on eliminating your threat and beginning their own. It really is a dog eat dog world. Wait, did I say world? Make that universe.

As you all know, if an alien threat needs to be dealt with, man is the most reliable remedy. We've been protecting our land for centuries and no matter how minimal the odds may appear, we've always triumphed above the rest. Be it giant blood sucking tripods, the Locust Horde or even the old-school rampaging zombies, we know how to get the job done with a credible amount of style. Aces of the Galaxy does exactly that once more, as Sierra takes it back to the old-school in brilliantly executed fashion.''

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