Rayman Legends Cancelled Stage Revealed

Images of a stage originally intended for the Wii U version of Rayman Legends has been uncovered by Unseen64. The level was called "Dracula Castle", a gothic themed locale, and was dropped partway through development.

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CaptainN2048d ago

This should have been completed and given to Wii-U owners as free DLC since they got shafted on the original release date.

Even the Vita version got additional extra content :

"Rayman Legends on Vita includes all of the original Rayman Legends content, as well as five exclusive maps playable with Murphy, the greenbottle fly seen in previous Rayman games,"

So what was once exclusive, didnt even get much extra content in the end.

MSBAUSTX2048d ago

It is typical. Fortunately for Wii U owners Ubisoft has now started pissing off other system owners. We werent crazy after all. Sucks too because Rayman Legends was one amazing game and sold decently on Wii U. Dam sure sold more on Wii U tgan on Vita. Oh well. Bye Bye Ubisoft and welcome Platinum Games.

Relientk772048d ago

Damn that castle looks awesome

Blank2047d ago

I love unseen64 and their finds but damn shame UBI didnt include this in the game. Then again they have been doing stupid and weird decisions for some time now.